Important transportation/CRC forum in Vancouver on Saturday

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Bridging the Gaps 2, a citizen forum on transportation issues, info and solutions

Attend a Free Citizen Education Forum on Urban Transportation and the CRC Light Rail Project

Bridging the Gaps 2 is an extraordinary event with a rare collection of experts from around the country. You will never have another opportunity like this to attend a one-stop presentation to understand our region’s transportation issues, hear what is happening behind the scenes at the Columbia River Crossing and learn about solutions.

Five national experts, Randal O’Toole, Tom Rubin, Karen Jaroch, Wendell Cox, and John Charles will enlighten Vancouver-Portland residents on transportation issues, planning and spending, and quality of life that could be at risk. In addition, Tiffany Couch, forensic accountant and financial investigator, will update her report that ignited the audience at the first Bridging the Gaps event in June.

Learn what other communities are doing to solve urban transportation problems and how these solutions can be applied in our region.

Come and hear about transportation solutions, their trade-offs, how to effectively address congestion, costs and funding, efficient use of public funds, bus service systems that actually work and how enforcement has been used to alleviate crime issues often associated with transit.

Date: Saturday, October 8, 2011

Time: 9:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

Where: LifePoint, 305 NE 192nd Avenue, Vancouver, WA 98684

Near the new Costco at 1st St & 192nd Ave

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  • 045blackbox

    I believe we need a good transportation system in the Portland / Vancouver area.
    However with the economy in the toilet, I believe we should hold of spending anymore tax payer dollars, for projects like this. I realize this type of project would create some jobs. it just not politically sound, as well as financially sound. as a concerned citizen do you feel this is a good idea or should it be put off till later?

  • thoots

    I would advise Tiffany Couch to check out this document in regards to the $45 million change order to the David Evans and Associates $50 million contract:;usd=2&usg=ALhdy28IjegqWYrBuTPnE-Vs559K8LPyYA


    to Page 2 of the “Memorandum” attached to the change order — the
    fifth page of this document.


    at the bottom of the page, and I quote:


    10.  Explain why the services were not included in the terms
    of the original contract?


    The services were included.  The funding wasn’t.


    This is the reason for the increase — the federal funds that pay for this contract were provided by the federal government over the six years of the SAFETEA-LU act.  WSDOT didn’t HAVE $95 million when the contract was initiated — they increased the contract when they were able to obligate more federal funds.It’s as simple as this.  Why this “expert forensic accountant” can’t be bothered to read the documentation that justified the change order is beyond me.  There is no conspiracy here.  There is no corruption here.  There is only pure, unmitigated IGNORANCE. 

    • native PDX

      Light rail projects have a history of going over budget and being built before they have funding

      Not having the ridership they promised.

      Not reducing congestion.

      Not increasing the speed of transit.

      Not reducing the time on transit because of the added transfers.

      Not improving  the air quality and livability.

      Not being sustainable by way for the fair box or by the users.

      But the builders, planners and politicians seem to do well building, planning and collecting campaign money for their support. 

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