“How to” forum available for landowners who received Measure 49 claim approval

Oregonians In Action (OIA)

2011 OIA Education Center’s Annual Land Use Forum

You Have An Approved Measure 49 Claim – What Do You Do Now?

Join us at this years Forum for a “how to” guide to dividing your property and getting approval of your land use application.  A panel of experts from every profession, from county planners to surveyors to well drillers, will walk you through the steps needed to take advantage of the relief you received in your Measure 49 claim.  This panel is a must for anyone who received an approval of their Measure 49 claim!

The 2011 Legislature – How It Works, What It’s Doing

The 2011 Legislature is considering several important bills that will affect both rural and urban property owners.  Come to the Forum and find out what the legislature is doing and what you can do about it!

House Bill 2229 Update

The 2009 Legislature approved House Bill 2229, authorizing counties to reconsider the zoning of their rural lands.  The legislative battle is over, but now the hard work has begun.  Come to the Forum for an update on this landmark bill and how it is being implemented.

News From Around The State

Hear about efforts to help rural property owners in various counties across the state.


Some of Our Guest Speakers include:

~Gene Mack, Mack Well Drilling

~Alan Sorem, Saalfeld Griggs, PC

~Jeff Barry, G.S.I. Water Solutions

~Timothy Acker, Applied Technology

~Randall Boese, BB & A Environmental Testing

~John Brosy, Brosy Land Planning & Development

~Shaun Jillions, Oregon Association of Realtors

~Jon Chandler, Oregon Homebuilders Association

Dave Hunnicutt, Oregonians In Action

*Reserve your seat now!  Seating is limited!!!


Call: 503-620-02588 or Online: http://oia.org/index.php/2011-land-use-forum