Occupy Portland: $20/hr min wage & free college tuition, awesome!

by NW Spotlight

24 year old Justen Charters, a Portland area conservative political activist, spent some time at the Occupy Portland march yesterday. He estimated the crowd to be several thousand at one point.

Justen’s understanding is that Sam Adams allowed them to march in the streets without a permit, and to camp without a permit last night. The marchers stopped traffic, and Justen observed people getting out of their cars and sitting on the roofs.

Below is a video of one of Justen’s interviews with some of the people participating in Occupy Portland. He references a list of demands on the Occupy Wall Street web site, including a $20 an hour minimum wage (marcher:  “That would be awesome.”) and free college tuition (marcher: “That would really be awesome”.)


The Occupy Wall Street web site clarifies that the demands were posted by an individual, and are not an official list of demands.

Justen Charters is a 24 year old political activist. In the last six months, despite battling an immunity disorder, he has been a major contributor on social networking sites such as youtube, facebook and twitter. His youtube channel has videos that are frequently featured on Patriot Action Network, one of the largest conservative social networking sites, and he’s one of the most followed bloggers on Red County.