Protest the rebels without a clue: Occupy Scio!

by Bill Post

On yesterday’s show we revealed the truth behind the “Occupy____ (choose the location)” folks.  Specifically, since I am in Salem, the “Occupy Salem” group.

They are led by Michelle Darr who is a self described “full time activist”.  In 2003 she made the news when she did a prolonged “fast for peace” on the State Capitol steps.  She is part of the group out of Canada that is funding the whole “Occupy” movement.  As I said, the “Occupy” protests are called for by the Canadian activist group Adbusters founded in 1989 by Kalle Lasn and Bill Schmalz – both of Vancouver, British Columbia.

So what’s a person doing fomenting these events who is not and never has been an American?  This is being trumpeted by the mainstream media as “grassroots”, almost a “liberal tea party”. It is not.

The Salem group also plans to construct “Liberation Commons” in Willson Park next to the State Capitol. “Liberation Commons” will be a self-sustaining tent community complete with medical care and food supply.

Overnight camping is not allowed in Willson Park, but Darr said that won’t stop some people from making a statement. “They have assured me that they will work with us when it comes to leaving things overnight.” Darr said.

Oregon State Police Lt. Dave Mazour said he doesn’t expect there to be problems if a camp is set up in the park but maintained so that all laws are followed. “They are more than welcome to voice their opinion, but they have to do it within the confines of the law,” Mazour said. “Overnight camping is not something that has been allowed in the past.”

So in other words, the State Police MIGHT let them stay overnight?

It is bought and paid for by leftist organizations and designed for one thing only: the re-election of President Barack Obama, and sadly it is being used to fool our college age kids into buying into a “movement” that doesn’t exist.

It’s old hippies from the 1960’s trying to get in one last hurrah before they go the way of the dodo bird.

Now in the spirit of good discussion and discourse, I joined the “Occupy Salem” Facebook page and asked a few questions, specifically to the one lady on the page who wrote that she “worked 40+ hours a week and couldn’t make ends meet, I am the 99%”.  I asked, “Say, if you are working 40+ hours a week, that’s awesome, but when will you have time to “Occupy Salem”?

My question and subsequent questions and comments were removed and the ability to place any comments on the page was removed.

So, again, in the spirit of good discussion and discourse I created a Facebook page called: “Occupy Scio”.  It started with 7 people at noon yesterday, and as of 6pm yesterday it was already at 106.

We aren’t going to “occupy” anything.  I just wanted to provide a forum for folks who are really fed up with this so called “movement” to have a place to vent and have fun.  It’s working and I intend now to follow through and do something really great for the good folks of Scio!  I don’t know what yet but I can guarantee you it will be fun, positive and something you will want to be involved in!

Here’s the Facebook page, please feel free to have fun there, post ideas and comments and any news stories about the “other occupations”.

We, the REAL Americans, want to show what a REAL American City looks like.  We are not “occupying” Scio. We will do something AWESOME for a great town, while showing the hypocrisy of the left wing PAID FOR “Occupy” movement in this country.

Join us for the fun!

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