Protest the rebels without a clue: Occupy Scio!

by Bill Post

On yesterday’s show we revealed the truth behind the “Occupy____ (choose the location)” folks.  Specifically, since I am in Salem, the “Occupy Salem” group.

They are led by Michelle Darr who is a self described “full time activist”.  In 2003 she made the news when she did a prolonged “fast for peace” on the State Capitol steps.  She is part of the group out of Canada that is funding the whole “Occupy” movement.  As I said, the “Occupy” protests are called for by the Canadian activist group Adbusters founded in 1989 by Kalle Lasn and Bill Schmalz – both of Vancouver, British Columbia.

So what’s a person doing fomenting these events who is not and never has been an American?  This is being trumpeted by the mainstream media as “grassroots”, almost a “liberal tea party”. It is not.

The Salem group also plans to construct “Liberation Commons” in Willson Park next to the State Capitol. “Liberation Commons” will be a self-sustaining tent community complete with medical care and food supply.

Overnight camping is not allowed in Willson Park, but Darr said that won’t stop some people from making a statement. “They have assured me that they will work with us when it comes to leaving things overnight.” Darr said.

Oregon State Police Lt. Dave Mazour said he doesn’t expect there to be problems if a camp is set up in the park but maintained so that all laws are followed. “They are more than welcome to voice their opinion, but they have to do it within the confines of the law,” Mazour said. “Overnight camping is not something that has been allowed in the past.”

So in other words, the State Police MIGHT let them stay overnight?

It is bought and paid for by leftist organizations and designed for one thing only: the re-election of President Barack Obama, and sadly it is being used to fool our college age kids into buying into a “movement” that doesn’t exist.

It’s old hippies from the 1960’s trying to get in one last hurrah before they go the way of the dodo bird.

Now in the spirit of good discussion and discourse, I joined the “Occupy Salem” Facebook page and asked a few questions, specifically to the one lady on the page who wrote that she “worked 40+ hours a week and couldn’t make ends meet, I am the 99%”.  I asked, “Say, if you are working 40+ hours a week, that’s awesome, but when will you have time to “Occupy Salem”?

My question and subsequent questions and comments were removed and the ability to place any comments on the page was removed.

So, again, in the spirit of good discussion and discourse I created a Facebook page called: “Occupy Scio”.  It started with 7 people at noon yesterday, and as of 6pm yesterday it was already at 106.

We aren’t going to “occupy” anything.  I just wanted to provide a forum for folks who are really fed up with this so called “movement” to have a place to vent and have fun.  It’s working and I intend now to follow through and do something really great for the good folks of Scio!  I don’t know what yet but I can guarantee you it will be fun, positive and something you will want to be involved in!

Here’s the Facebook page, please feel free to have fun there, post ideas and comments and any news stories about the “other occupations”.

We, the REAL Americans, want to show what a REAL American City looks like.  We are not “occupying” Scio. We will do something AWESOME for a great town, while showing the hypocrisy of the left wing PAID FOR “Occupy” movement in this country.

Join us for the fun!

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  • Steve Buckstein

    Thanks Bill.  For those wanting something even more positive to come out of this Occupy thing, here’s your opportunity to get a better understanding of what the occupiers apparently don’t understand:

  • Rupert in Springfield

    There is something hilarious about kids in Harvard sweatshirts protesting their high student loans. Its about as sympathetic as Klansmen protesting the price of high thread count sheets. Anyhoo, this group is hardly spur of the moment grassroots. The domain was registered back in July

    Domains by Proxy, Inc.
    15111 N. Hayden Rd., Ste 160, PMB 353
    Scottsdale, Arizona 85260
    United States

    Registered through:, Inc. (
    Created on: 20-Jul-11
    Expires on: 20-Jul-13
    Last Updated on: 20-Jul-11

    • David Appell

      I doubt there are many Harvard students at OWS — they’re busy studying. And the people on “We Are the 99%” are hardly Harvard students, but, it seems to me, ordinary people with ordinary problems:

      • Anonymous

        David…I looked at your “We Are the 99 Percent” Website. What did I see? A bunch of people holding up signs proclaiming their stupidity…not to mention a bunch of liars. How did a guy with an income of $800/month get a debt in six figures. Give me a break.

        What these 99 percenters are is a bunch of freeloaders. They want the government to provide them with everything…including an income…but they don’t want to pay anything. They want a negative income tax that will provide them a living and 100 percent taxes on incomes over $200,000/year. Nice “work” if you can get, huh?

        • David Appell

          Baloney. These people are hardly freeloaders — indeed, many of them go out of their way to relate the effort they put into overcoming their problems. But I don’t expect you, Joel, to be capable of seeing that.

          Maybe the guy with an $800/mth income acquired his debt when he had a well-paying job, and now he cannot make the payments. Maybe he had health problems and has a lot of medical debt. There are a lot of possibilities, but you are intent on pigeonholing them instead of trying to understand their stories.They want an end to corporate control of our government. They don’t want corporations to decide whether they can get health care or not. They want an end to the vast disparities that crony capitalism has wrought. A lot of people want this. 

          • Rupert in Springfield

            If you are asking for forgiveness of consumer debt (demand 11), as well as a guarantee of a living wage regardless of work status (demand 3), you are by definition a freeloader. If you don’t know these things are in the official list of demands of the wall streeters, then you probably are David Appell making the usual uninformed comment.

          • Rupert in Springfield

            Then again you did also claim the current federal deficit is $600B so I suppose I should just chalk your comment up to the usual ignorance.

          • David Appell

            Stop claiming I said things I didn’t say. You do this a lot, and never offer proof. As usual, you’re wrong.

          • David Appell

            Wall Street corporations get bailed out by the government — why shouldn’t people?

            Actually OWS has no “official” list of demands.

            We will have a guaranteed minimum income, some day. Because, you know, people need to eat, sleep, and receive health care even if there aren’t enough jobs to go around, and in a society as wealthy as ours it’s immoral that people are left to sleep under bridges. 

            That’s not freeloading, but enlightenment. 

          • Steve Buckstein

            David, first, because government bailed out some Wall Street corporations doesn’t mean it should compound that error by bailing out others, including “people.” Two wrongs don’t make a right.

            Second, “aren’t enough jobs to go around” implies that there is a fixed number of jobs. That’s as wrong as thinking that there is a fixed amount of wealth. Both can be created, and destroyed. Government is pretty good at destroying both; and not very good at creating them.

          • David Appell

            > Two wrongs don’t make a right.
            Too late, the cat is out of the bag. And this isn’t the
            first time the government has bailed out corporations in trouble (and it won’t
            be the last). Remember Chrysler’s loan guarantee, the S&L bailout,
            arrangement of the bailout of Long-Term Capital Management, and of course TARP?
            And there have been others, all of businesspeople who otherwise profess in the
            “free market.”


            This “socialism for the rich” is one of the big social
            injustices that OWS is protesting. Good for them. >  Second, “aren’t enough jobs to go
            around” implies that there is a fixed number of jobs > That’s as wrong as thinking that there is a
            fixed amount of wealth. Both can be created, and destroyed.


            And capitalism does both. In
            what was probably the rawest form of capitalism the US will ever see, between
            about the Civil War and WW I, the economy whipsawed up and down between booms
            and busts. Workers went with it and robber barons took full advantage of
            whatever they could, rarely hesitation to pit men against men to slash wages and
            benefits, often leaving a great many people living in squalor. (Hence the rise
            of anarchism and unionism during that time.) That era’s unregulated capitalism
            made some people very, very wealthy on the backs of workers expected to work 70
            or 80 hour weeks, and wrecked the environment of cities like Pittsburgh.
            Capitalism is hardly the certain path to wealth you like to portray it to be.
            It’s great for the winners, and lousy for the losers.Ø       Government is pretty good at destroying both; and
            not very good at creating them.


            an astonishingly blinkered and hackneyed idea. Government does a great many
            things that create wealth, and especially to create an environment where wealth
            can be created: crime prevention and prosecution, property protection,
            fire protection, national defense, courts that provide a lawful foundation;
            infrastructure without which people would be taking horses to work and ships
            overseas; funding scientific research that forms the foundation of many of the
            technologies and medical therapies we now take for granted, and on and on and
            on. Just the Interstate Highway System and railroad land grants alone created a
            great deal of wealth. With the latter the federal government gave railroads 10
            miles of land on each side of a railroad they built, and that not only opened
            up the west but doubled the value of government-held land next to it. The
            scientific research funded by government, as during the Cold War, has lead to a
            great many applications. Corporations fund little of this kind of research anymore
            because of the short-sighted quarterly demands of Wall Street.


            How much wealth was created, both directly by its spending
            and indirectly in the form of not being destroyed, by the government’s winning
            of WW2?  


            Reflexively criticizing government as the barrier to a
            wonderful wealthy world is completely simplistic. 

          • Anonymous

            Well David, if you want to put yourself in the camp of the occupiers, be my guest. As Rupert points out below these idiots (and they are idiots, no hyperbole there) are freeloaders by definition. So, if you want to be a freeloader…I guess that’s your choice. Just don’t put your crap on the people who are willing to do their part to make a living.

      • Rupert in Springfield

        Saw a pretty prolonged interview with a chick in a Harvard sweatshirt holding up an “in debt for $70k” sign. Saw plenty more from other schools whining about student loans. Don’t know what you are watching but if you missed the student loan signs you probably aren’t paying attention.

        • David Appell

          1. Lots of people wear Harvard sweatshirts. Big deal.
          2. I don’t blame them for complaining about student loans. Student loan defaults are up dramatically in the last few years. That generation’s unemployment rate is something like 18%. Meanwhile, when Wall St corporations default the government bails them out. 

        • Founding Fathers

          Chicks are generally far to small to wear sweatshirts. I doubt that there are Harvard sweatshirts made for baby chickens. They’re usually too small to hold up signs, too, especially since they don’t have hands.

  • Bob Clark

    I heard while listening to Rush Limbaugh, this Canadian activist outfit is somewhat anti-semtic.  If true, it’s pretty sad I’ve heard even government employees voice support for this “Occupy whatever” movement.

    This is really what Bama’s “stimulus II” jobs bill is about.  He hopes for another shot of federal monies for his re-election slush fund (and Union folks hear the money…this time around they have to scream for the “borrowed from China” monies a lot harder than the first time around since the real tea party full of seasoned, responsible adults started pushing back).

    Keep the light going, Tea party brethren!

    • Founding Fathers

      You heard it on Rush Limbaugh, so it must be true?

      Thank you for letting us know to not pay head to anything written by you.

      • Founding Fathers

        Make that “heed”.

  • Anonymous

    I cannot hear the shrill squawking of Pelosi reminding us that this is Astro-Turf.

    Oh well. Come on rain.

  • The Bill Post Radio Show

    Help show the hypocrisy of the whole “occupy” movement by joining the “Occupy Scio” page on Facebook!  Stand up and be heard and help us shut down the evil corporation of the Scio Municipal Telephone Exchange and Feed store!

    • Founding Fathers

      More appropriate for “conservatives” would be an “Occupy Where The Sun Don’t Shine” movement.

      And, hey, your heads are already there!

  • Guest

    Thanks for informing us of what everyone else already knows.

  • Still Sugar

    Had you told me what the facts about what the page were for Bill I would have joined with no problem..maybe it needs to be posted sounds like the liberal movement and of course I wouldn’t join them if a gun were pointed at my head..maybe I can get a few more people to join now that I know I am not going to be working with the left..I was wondering if you had lost your mind..right behind you there Post!

  • Anonymous

    What a totally grand idea.

  • Robert Fields

    I am 100 percent for this, but I have a question…Why Scio? I am a Scio native and would be very proud to have this happen in our town. Just curious how this came about, why not Brownsville, or Turner…ect…?

    • The Bill Post Radio Show

      Hi robert.  I have been in radio for over 30 years and somewhere way back I started saying “Scio this or Scio that” for no real reason.  So, when I decided to mock the “occupy” movement of course Scio was the first town that came to mind.  I love Scio and they seem to like when I have fun with them.  Audie and the gang at the feed store crack me up!  That’s really all there was to it. 

      • Anonymous

        Outstanding radio, Bill!  I was laughing my hiney off listening to your show the other day.  Perfect satire… 

        • The Bill Post Radio Show

          Thanks molle!  Glad you enjoyed it!

  • Guest

    Is this where I sign up for my free stuff?

  • Shew

    Guys, calm down.  There are protestors that are legitimate and protestors for the sole purpose of just doing something.  I think – hope – we can agree that hopefully it stays at peaceful protesting and does not turn into a mob.  Trying to live without a job ends up just existing, not good in America or anywhere else.  Tension is high at gatherings like this it would be nice if it did not escalate. 

  • The Bill Post Radio Show

    I’d like to update this story: the Occupation of Scio will be on 10/19/11.  There will be a bake sale, apple pie, chicken, flags, car show, t shirts, country music and all sorts of ugly capitalism on display, so the “progressives” will have something to do.
    Thank you.

  • Thinking

    Bill Post, so sadly and incredibly out of touch!

  • Micheledarr

    Hi, again, Bill:) It was truly nice meeting you in person and I still hold you in high esteem for your Occupy Scio organizing. Before WE ALL “go the way of the dodo bird” it’s clear to at least me and many others from across the political spectrum that WE THE PEOPLE need to move beyond beyond our dangerously naive adherance to party rhetoric and acknowlege that we ALL share FAR more common ground than we are being led to believe by leaders of BOTH parties whose shrill insistance on divide and conquer has resulted in the near bankruptcy of this GREAT NATION. I assure you, and more importantly, your readers, I was born in Clinton, Missouri (pronounced missur-AH for any missourians onboard potentially questioning my credibility:)the SHOW ME STATE, Bill. Please SHOW ME and your fans where you get your erroneous assertions, for example. The only payment I have or ever will receive for my work is a good night sleep….I hope you get plenty of those, Bill!! A good nights sleep means being able to live with myself and my conscience especially after having witnessed war first-hand on the ground. I lived in Kuwait in 1990 and awoke with everyone else on August 2nd to find life as we knew it changed forever. Bombs fell, buildings fell, warfare took to the streets of our quiet neighborhood with snipers determined to protect our buildings trading fire with the Iraqi military and myself and others trying to stay out of the crossfire. A good night’s sleep means that the 12 years that I have spent as a caregiver for veterans coming home from Iraq and Afghanistan with DU poisoning and dying from horrific diseases related to the chemical weapons used that their faulty armor did not protect them was not in vain. I carry their names and stories and families etched on my heart forever. You might be able to relate, Bill, to the truth that the V.A. is critically underfunded and that many of those BRAVE and STRONG PATRIOTS whom rose to the challenge(unlike some armchair warriors I know)are being neglected and shown literally the bottom of the shoe for their service. Being able to live with myself means that I HAVE TO DO SOMETHING about the crisis in my country and I am NOT AFRAID to speak out and shine my light on injustice, inequality and oppression wherever it lurks. I don’t know your history, Bill, if you are a veteran of any kind and somehow I suspect not. Maybe any suspicion is counter productive and does not lend kindly to rational discourse as is clearly evidenced in your glaring factual errors regarding myself, my history, or the Occupy movement. Bill, I take you to be a kind, intelligent and well-meaning individual; at least in person; for I saw nothing of the vitriol I am perceiving from this post. I would LOVE to be a guest on your show as I believe that you and I are capable of the same productive, meaningful dialogue as occured after the Republican party meeting. I look forward to talking with you further. And REMEMBER, Bill, my last words at the meeting of the Marion Polk Republicans…UNITED WE STAND, DIVIDED WE FALL.
    With Respect,
    Michele Darr

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