Public schools giving extra credit to attend Occupy Portland

by “Holly”: an anonymous Portland-area public high school student
(the student asked that their identify not be revealed for fear of reprisal; “I want to graduate”)

During the last 30 to 20 minutes of class yesterday, my teacher announced the Occupy Portland event.

He began with the introduction of the Koch Brother’s; two oil tycoons living in Texas. The teacher explained, “The average black family makes about $5,000 dollars a year which is about that big in 100 dollar bills.” He then held up his hand, his fingers only a sliver apart. “The average white family creates $80,000 a year which is about this big in 100 dollar bills.” The teacher held his fingers farther apart, showing that the imaginary stack of money was much larger. “The Koch Brother’s make over $50,000,000,000 dollars which if you stacked their money it would be over 26 miles long.” The class immediately looked shocked.

He continued his passionate speech by attacking capitalism, blaming the mess on Wall Street solely on Republicans and Conservatives. The teacher then encouraged the class to go to the Occupy Portland event, taking place at the waterfront. He said as students (whom are all 17 or older, meaning we were all old enough to vote soon) we could change the world. He would give extra credit to those who went to the rally.

The teacher asked us to report any extremists when we go because “you all know Fox News is going to be the first ones there, looking for the one or two extremists who will go to the event.” He then stated that if “any of you show up in a mask and shouting ‘ANARCHY’,” that he would have a problem. If anyone wanted to throw bricks or chairs they needed to be reported because he didn’t want a riot.

He repeated several times that if the students could prove they went to the rally he would gladly give them extra credit. Throughout his whole speech he made quips attacking both Republicans and Conservatives, blaming everything on them. After his speech he excused our class, as class was over for the day.

Update: The student, who is conservative, spoke to the teacher after class and asked if she would also be given extra credit if she attended a Republican or conservative event. Today, the teacher told her that yes, she would.


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  • Gotcha222

    I wish I was in Portland right now. I have a suggestion for those with the spirit to ‘do something’ (something benign, don’t worry):
    Go to your local pet store and buy up 10lbs of bird seed. Fill your pockets and go ‘for a walk’ through the protest area.

    Nature should make things unpleasant by tomorrow…

    • just sayin’

      Less benign but no worse than ‘stenciling’ police cars sans permits, mole gassers to encourage morasses to gopher another line of jerk. 

  • VRose

    You headline is somewhat misleading. It says at the very bottom of the story that extra credit would be given to conservative students attending a republican rally as well. It seems to me you are just trying to get a reaction from people who read headlines and not stories.

    • Devin

      I think its fairly clear from the story, that while credit would be given, the teach was clearly attempting to bias the students against one political party.  As well as encouraging them to participate in this “occupy” rally.  Its one thing to teach students math, history, literature, science, ect.  Its another to try to indoctrinate them with your political beliefs.

      • Anonymous

        Total CYA on the teacher’s part then – lucky for him, she provided an opportunity to do so by asking.

    • Anonymous

      What’s misleading? The headline says “Public schools giving extra credit to attend Occupy Portland” and that’s exactly what the teacher did. He only offered extra credit for attending a Republican of conservative event when he was challenged by the student. If she hadn’t said something then the idiot teacher wouldn’t have granted the extra credit for the Republican event.

      It’s pretty clear that the teacher knew that he’d been caught. Typically, for a liberal, he couldn’t fathom one of his students actually being anything but a loon like himself.

    • Nothappy

      The whole point of the article was that the “teacher” is a complete fool and should not be giving “extra credit” to anyone for anything. He is an idiot.

  • Threejswhsl

    Teacher needs to be fired on the spot.

  • The Bill Post Radio Show

    I had the pleasure of interviewing this young lady and she is an absolutely wonderful example of Young Conservatives. She was polite and respectful to her teacher but very clear about her own convictions.
    You can listen to my interview with her at click on “Listen to Latest Show”.
    thank you “Holly”.

    • Cameronisright

      who is the teacher she was referring too Bill?

      • The Bill Post Radio Show

        She preferred to keep that information private and I didn’t ask.  She still needs to graduate.

  • Bob Clark

    I wonder what subject this teacher is teaching, and why he thinks it is appropriate for him to teach the concept of fairness or equity in his biased rantings? Just stick to the 3 Rs.

     I feel like witholding the PPS portion of my Multnomah County property tax bill this November if PPS is going to allow such rantings against the many hard working private sector persons paying the bulk of this teacher’s wages and benefits.  A spoiled, envious adult brat teaching his students to be envious brats just like him.  Geez, talk about unfairness to property tax payers.

    What’s funny about the “Occupy XXX” crowd is one of their leaders was on the Lars Larson show this afternoon, and said they are about ridding the country of corporate oligarchy.  But when asked to explain what he meant by this, he immediately starts talking about government restricitions on growing hemp.  (O.k.  maybe when he gets some real life experience and some age, maybe he might be able to communicate coherently.  Then again, maybe not.  They don’t call it dope for nothing.)

    • Founding Fathers

      “I wonder what subject this teacher is teaching, and why he thinks it is
      appropriate for him to teach the concept of fairness or equity in his
      biased rantings?”

      So, wait, do you think fairness and equity are good or bad things? Because you seem to be saying both at the same time–that it’s bad for the teacher to promote fairness and equity, but that in so doing he was being unfair and inequitable.

    • David Appell

      Bob Clark: I wonder what subject this teacher is teaching, and why he thinks it is
      appropriate for him to teach the concept of fairness or equity in his
      biased rantings?

      I can’t recall a better or more succinct expression of the extreme right’s guiding tenets of selfishness, greed, and heartlessness. 

      • Chicken Sock Puppet

        By “selfishness” I assume you mean self-determination.

        By “greed” I assume you mean hard work.

        By “heartlessness” I assume you mean personal responsibility.

        Yeah, I know it is difficult for an uneducated liberal to actually understands what it means to be conservative.  It’s much easier to just try and steal someone else’s labor and hard work than to do it yourself…

        • David Appell

          No, if I had meant different words I would have used them. I meant the words I used–that the extreme right (who, in today’s America, are not “conservative”) are selfish people who care only about what they can get for themselves and not about the health of their community, state, or nation. One of their big heroes, Ayn Rand, wrote a book about it: “The Virtue of Selfishness.” Most people work hard and assume personal responsibility, and yet many of them are suffering due to the policies of this country and the corruption of politicians by corporations and the rich. 

  • native PDX

    What does the average teacher make?


    • Nothappy

      They are all average.

  • Just Saying

    So….it sounds like your teacher is very smart and can teach you a lot if you’re willing to put aside the ridiculous right-wing garbage your parents apparently put in your head. Wait till this girl gets to college and starts opening her mind to how the real world works (and hopefully stops voting against her interests).

    • Capitalist Mom

      Perhaps when you grow up and actually have to earn a living yourself you might finally understand just how hard a person has to work to earn a living, buy or rent a home for their family, support themselves and their children, pay or help pay for their children to get their college education, and then save for their own retirement, if they can even afford to retire.
      Our country was built on a capitalist mindset for a very good reason.  Success! Every person in this country has the opportunity to succeed! It is just a matter of how hard they try and how much they put into the effort, and how well they manage their own finances, and how many risks they are willing to take along the way. A great many of the richest people in this country started out their lives in the most meager of circumstances, and created their own opportunities to get to where they are today! 
      Just what would you prefer our economy used instead of Capitalism, Socialism or Communism?
      Would you prefer that every student in college earned the same grades no matter how much effort they put into their homework assignments or how hard they studied for their exams?  Would you rather that every person in this country earned the same low paying wage no matter what job they worked, how much education or experience they had, and how hard they actually worked at their job? 

      • DanceRat

        And maybe when you grow up and start thinking for yourself, you will realize just how much those people who built successful corporations on the backs of others just need to learn to pay it forward.  Why is it all or nothing?  America has turned into a 2nd world country.  We have very little manufacturing, the cost of education and healthcare is crippling the future of our children and in the meantime the top 1% are getting wealthier and running our government.  Is that what you want? The corporatization and privatization of what should be available for all?  Basic healthcare and education?  If you believe that, then you don’t understand anything at all.

      • David Appell

        > Our country was built on a capitalist mindset for a very good reason. 
        The US Constitution does not specify an economic system. 

        Nor is what we have today “capitalism.” It is crony capitalism at best, and a system thick with corruption of government at all levels by rich people and rich corporations.

      • David Appell

        Would you rather that every person in this country earned the same low paying wage no matter what job they worked, how much education or experience they had, and how hard they actually worked at their job?
        I see what you did there. That’s good. Nice try. Won’t work.

        Our choices aren’t either raw capitalism or equal wages or all. Too black-and-white. There are many other choices, including a fair system with more equality, that isn’t corrupted by, and skewed towards, the rich and powerful, and where capitalists don’t get to dump out their trash for free. And a society that provides a basic foundation for everyone so everyone has adequate food, housing, education and health care. 

        A society that actually follows all those high-sounding words that come out its Christian mouths.

  • This isn’t a convervative or a liberal event. It’s a gathering of people across the nation who are tired of being taken advantage of.

    • The Bill Post Radio Show

      And the ARE being taken advantage of.  SEIU, AFL-CIO, Teamsters, [email protected]:disqus , etc. plus, Adbusters, Soros etc.  They may have good intentions but they are being blindly led by socialist groups with very deep pockets.  Kind of funny actually.

      • Founding Fathers

        And the astroturf tea parties aren’t being taken advantage of by the folks at Americans for Prosperity?


        • Chicken Sock Puppet

          Funny that – I don’t seem to remember getting my TEA Party marching orders from anyone at any level.  The only astroturfing going on is these union-backed, SEIU-filled, “Occupy whatever” events being directly funded by

          Sad for you, troll.

        • Anonymous

          I do not receive any orders, I pray, look to history, understand our Constitutional rights, and expect our elected leaders to obey the Constitution, if they don’t, they will be unseated, period! I draw the line at Marxism and Communism. It does not work, and there is no compromise in accepting their ideological views. 

          • Founding Fathers

            Okay, who, exactly, is a Marxist or a Communist? Tell me what it is that they are promoting that comes from Marxism.

    • Anonymous

      Sorry, not true: Van Jones – Communist, Steven Lerner – SEIU  these folks are being used like pawns, folks like Saul Alinsky and Cloward and Pivin are leading these folks to slaughterer. History shows these marxist events do not turn out well for the average Joe!  

  • Rupert in Springfield

    WOw – Extra credit huh?

    The funny thing is, teachers unions will fight tooth and nail against giving teachers extra credit for actually teaching well. Occupy Wall Street is totally against extra credit financially if you actually perform well (demand 3 and 11) and against any penalty for performing poorly or dishonestly (demand 12).

    I will assume only the best of this teacher that he wanted to teach students critical thinking skills and political involvement and that the political position of the wall streeters was not of consequence.

  • Workfree

    The teacher unions are all thugs who only want more money for doing less work.
    They are wrong. Plain and simple.

  • David Appell

    I can easily imagine that for some students who might attend or view Occupy Portland it would be a very educating time, far more than many hours spent in a classroom. It always is when students go outside the classroom on field trips, athletic events, plays, etc. And you never know beforehand what a student might learn–nor would all of them learn the same thing, or come to the same conclusions as the teacher. Students get lots of instruction in canonical history, economics, sociology, etc — I certainly did. Seeing another perspective should be welcomed. These are students, after all, not middle-aged, hard-bitten ideologues. They’re still trying to figure things out, and a range of experiences helps do that.

    • Chicken Sock Puppet

      Interesting how liberals like you seem to rationalize these events as an opportunity to learn another point of view.  Soooooo…. in addition to teaching the theory of evolution you would then be cool if teachers taught creationism?

      Yeah, didn’t think so.  I guess it’s only cool if it’s YOUR point of view being taught.

      • Founding Fathers

        CSP, would you be cool with students being taught the point of view that 2+2=5?

        There is actual evidence to support evolution. There is no actual evidence to support creationism.

  • Notimpressed

    Guess what? That idiot “teacher” could not get a job at McDonalds if his pathetic little meaningless life depended on it.
    Trust me on this.
    He is unemployable and is only “working” where he “works” because there is nowhere else he can work.

    • David Appell

      You know, we hardly have the full or objective story about this teacher. All we have is one man’s interpretation of what a high school student told him. He is a talk show host who is primarily interested in sensationalistic material that will get him ratings, and she won’t even give her real name. How do we know she is real? What are her motivations? I haven’t known many high school students eager to blab about a teacher on the radio, especially an ideological talk show.   

      • Founding Fathers

        Absolutely right, David.

        This “story” amounts to “I heard that someone told a friend of mine about something that might have happened.”

      • Capitalist Mom

        Did you even bother to read the article?  The article itself was clearly written by the student.  A comment that introduced the article told that the student did not want to identify herself for fear of reprisal because she wanted to graduate.  Furthermore, the article was posted here on this website before the interview on the Bill Post show which doesn’t even start until noon.  Her call came in quite a while after the show had started. 

        As a mother of two outspoken conservative daughters myself, who have reported similar things happening in their own classes, I have no doubt in my mind that events like this happen in schools all across Oregon especially in the more liberal parts of the state. 

        • David Appell

          Of course I read it. We have no proof of who wrote it, only what a talk show host claims. We have no proof of who said what on the radio. We have no verification that this student’s rendition is accurate. There seems to be no attempt to get other opinions or a rebuttal. In other words, it’s just the usual talk show junk that permeates the airwaves.
          I feel sorry for any child whose political philosophy is already formed by high school.  That sounds more like indoctrination than education. There is much this girl (if she exists) will miss learning unless she finds the will, and a way, to explore other ideas.

  • Bigmikelewis

    I would demand extra credit even if I didn’t go to any event. What if I can’t go to these events? How is that fair? I shouldn’t be held back from those extra points when some kids get an advantage in life. This is the capitalist mindset that is holding the poor people down. Unfair! 😉

  • Notimpressed

    extra credit, in and of itself, is stupid.

  • Capitalist Mom

    This teacher’s family income figures were quite likely pulled out of thin air and not based on any factual information.  I could not find any figures online that came even remotely close to the figures this teacher presented to his class. 

    A report released today by Sentier Research indicates that the median household income for all households was $49,909 in June 2011.  The median income for White families was $56,320 and for Black (not Hispanic) households was $31,784 in June 2011.  The median income for Hispanic families was $39,901 in June 2011.  The figure students would probably find most interesting, however, was that households with a head of household under 25 years of age had a median income level that was only $29,060 in June 2011.  The most interesting thing I found reported, however, was that during the “economic recovery” from June 2009 to June 2011 median income actually dropped by 6.7 %.  For white families it dropped 4.7%, for Black families 9.4 %, Hispanic families 4.9% and for those under 25 it dropped 9.5%. 

    Clearly median income levels have dropped substantially across all groups, but there is far less disparity between ethnic groups than this teacher indicated.  Black families have clearly lost more as a percentage of income in comparison to other ethnic groups during the Obama administration, however, those under 25 have lost slightly more as a percentage of income and clearly have to live on less than the average Black Family. 

    I am providing a link to the report I found online for those who would like further information or choose to read the report themselves:

  • Guest

    Teacher’s name and school please?  I’m sure there are plenty of parents who would like to make sure their kids aren’t in his class, now or in the future.

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