Oregon Fails Again in Nationwide Report

Achieve, Incorporated, created by the nation’s governors and business leaders in 1996, just published its third annual 50-state progress report on the alignment of high school policies with the demands of college and careers. The report focused on five major areas:

1. Align high school standards with college and workplace expectations
2. Align high school graduation requirements with college and workplace expectations
3. College readiness test administered to high school students
4. Develop a P—20 longitudinal data system to track student progress from k-12 through higher education
5. Hold high schools accountable for graduating students being college and career ready

Oregon was one of only 19 states that DID NOT HAVE A SINGLE POLICY IN PLACE that addressed ANY of these areas.

In summary:

19 states have aligned college and workplace standards — Oregon does not.
18 states require a college-ready and career-ready diploma — Oregon does not.
9 states have college-ready and career-ready tests — Oregon does not.
8 states have data systems to track students from K-12 through higher ed — Oregon does not.
14 states actually measure graduation rate by tracking the actual students rather than estimating — Oregon does not.

On the same day the report was issued Oregon legislators said there isn’t enough time this session to put together the kind of reforms necessary to prevent school districts from concealing misconduct by teachers.

How much longer will Oregon students and parents accept what is at best a third rate education?

Achieve, Inc. is a bipartisan, non-profit organization that helps states raise academic standards, improve assessments and strengthen accountability to prepare all young people for postsecondary education, work and citizenship.

  • John Fairplay

    The purpose of Oregon’s public school system is to provide outsized salary, benefit and retirement payments to it employees and to create a safe work environment for those who like to sexually molest children.

    College? Workplace? Students? What in the world are you talking about?


      Unfortunately, with the money spent per student in this state your statement smacks of truth. Oregon always recieves low ratings and the employees have an unsustainable benefit package.

      As for the perverts, the Democrats in the state legislature refused to address that problem this session.

  • Bob Clark

    This is one of the many problems created when government employee unions are allowed to contribute massive amounts to political campaigns, and thereby, take control of local and state government. Unions can’t help themselves and eventually starve their host. For instance, in Oregon the unions now push for numerous new government services only most of the funding for these new services gets siphoned off to pad the wages and benefits of existing government employees, yielding woefully little additional services. Government employee unions should be barred from contributing directly and indirectly (“Our Oregon” type vehicles) to political campaigns. The Oregon electorate shouldn’t be worried as much about big corporate lobbyists as big government emplyee unions.

  • dean

    Um…Jerry…again your “report card” is not reporting on actual education results. Its reporting on whether we have programs that someone thinks might produce better results, or improve measurement of results.

    Oregon’s per student spending and actual results are middle of the pack nationally. And as far as I know every state has teacher unions. If someone can show me a correlation between teacher unionization and student achievement one way or the other, I’d like to know about it.

    • Jerry

      Policies lead to action. Without policies people can continue to ignore doing what should be done.
      Your argument fails.
      Just like the ed system.

  • former UO science prof

    dean sounds about right UO schools are middle of the pack, judging by their students.

    When I was teaching them not so long ago, we weren’t especially pining for the kinds of things mentioned in the article. College readiness testing? Plenty of that already when wanted. Align curriculum with college? Not exactly a mystery. The problem is more in what is actually in the offerings of the schools. You can have all the math and science requirements on the books that you want, but if the offerings are mush, as they so often are, it doesn’t matter. Why are Oregon school math results so spotty? Probably because a lot of the school math teachers don’t know much math. Why is that? Three guesses: the unholy trinity of local school boards, teachers unions, and the ed schools.

    More bureaucratic stuff as in this article are probably not going to help much. A tough nut to crack.

    • Jerry

      Wow – how wonderful. Middle of the pack…great news! You must be very proud.

  • Friends of Meatpuppet

    Worthless politicians, worthless programs. Ergo garbage in garbage out. It’s all about the kids right? As usual the government class wins over on the citizens needs. When will we revolt and do the Marie Antoinette deal to our worthless overlords? Dollar per child is high or the same as the best and we are not getting our monies worth. So how do we redefine our school processes? Lets us use the initiative process before it is gone to correct it.

    1. Dump the union
    2. Privatize the school system (you know that they would do what we
    wanted or we would not pay them right?)
    3. All of the bureaucrats that steal our money for administration
    could go work for another state program.
    4. All of the affirmative action non leaders that pretend to teach
    would be weeded out and we could achieve success.
    5. Competition with charter schools and the privatize system would
    keep costs down.

    • dean

      F.O.M….sounds like a winning political program you have there. On the Marie Antoinette part….technically that happened pre-democracy in France, so the citizens actually did not have the initiative or elected legislators and a Governor. Add to that many were starving to death, given mouldy bread, and then told to “eat cake” instead…well…one can understand their frustration. Plus no cable, so entertainment was scarce.

      But before you advocate choppiing people’s heads off, try winning an election first okay? And take your meds.

    • eagle eye

      Meat — gotta agree with dean on this. You’re sounding a little, uh, overwrought. The voucher initiative thing was tried here in 1990. Beat by about 2-1 as I recall. So bad that nobody’s even bothered to try again. Try electing a governor. Or a legislature. Or even a state super of schools.

      • Anonymous

        The voucher initiative in 1990 was beat by the teacher’s unions oustpending the supporters 23 to one.

        • eagle eye

          I doubt that the money made much difference. But if it did, why didn’t the voucher people come up with more? Why didn’t they prepare better? Why haven’t they raised the money in the 17+ years since?

          Vouchers are not going anywhere in this country any time soon. Especially not in Oregon. It’s a loser, forgete it.

  • Al

    It’s the unions

    See how they work.

    This video is a must watch and should be posted here as it’s own thread.

    Drew Carey Project
    Education Revolt in Watts