CD-1 GOP special election primary at a glance

by Dan Lucas

Oregon’s 1st Congressional District History

For the first 80+ years, Oregon’s 1st congressional district (CD-1) was held by a Republican. When the last CD-1 Republican, Wendell Wyatt, decided not run again for re-election in 1974 he was replaced by Democrat Les AuCoin. The 1st congressional district has been represented by a Democrat ever since – over 36 years – including David Wu for the last 12+ years.

Special Election

As a result of David Wu’s resignation, there is a special election to replace him in the U.S. Congress for the last 11 months of his term: February 2012 through early January 2013. This special election primary will be held on November 8, 2011 – just weeks from now. The winners of each party’s primary will then face off for the special general election on January 31, 2012. This special election is being held using the existing CD-1 boundaries.

The winner of this special election in January 2012 will serve only a few months before they have to hit the campaign trail again to run in the May 2012 primary and then in the November 2012 general election. The May 2012 primary and November 2012 general elections will use the new CD-1 boundaries from this year’s redistricting.

Voter Registration

Democrats currently enjoy a 51,000 voter registration advantage over Republicans in CD-1; a situation that will improve slightly for Republicans when redistricting takes effect for the regular CD-1 Primary next May and the general election in November 2012. With the current boundaries – the boundaries that will be used in this special election – Democrats have a 12.2% voter registration advantage. The new CD-1 boundaries that will be used in next year’s May primary and November general election will have a Democratic voter registration advantage under 11%.

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August 2011


Democratic Candidates

There are 8 Democratic candidates in the special election primary, and 3 of those have raised significant contributions. State Senator Suzanne Bonamici leads the Democratic fundraising with $600,000 ($200,000 of that is a loan from herself). Suzanne Bonamici’s husband was David Wu’s lawyer for many years, up until this past spring. Second in Democratic fundraising is Labor Commissioner Brad Avakian, who has raised $379,000. Brad Avakian has been in the news recently for his history of failing to pay his taxes on time. Rep. Brad Witt rounds out the three, having raised $60,000. Brad Witt is a very strong union supporter – he was first elected secretary-treasurer of the Oregon AFL-CIO in 1991, and served for 14 years.


CD-1 Special Election Primary GOP Candidates


Candidate Rob Cornilles
Bio Rob is the president of Tualatin-based Game Face Inc, a business he started with his wife Allison. Game Face advises professional sports franchises on how to better serve their fans and customers. The company is now one of the most influential consulting and executive training firms in the sports industry – worldwide. 

Rob serves on the Board of Directors of the Special Olympics of Oregon, the Oregon League of Minority Voters, the Japan-America Society of Oregon, Umpqua Bank Regional Division, and the Virginia Garcia Memorial Foundation.


Rob and his wife of 25 years, Allison, have three sons, ages 15-21.

Political Background Rob Cornilles ran as the Republican candidate against David Wu in CD-1 last year and lost by 35,000 votes – 54.7% to 42.1%. 

Despite losing, he produced the best Republican results in CD-1 in over a decade. His campaign significantly outperformed Goli Ameri’s 2004 campaign; a campaign where Goli was dubbed one of the RNC’s “Super Six” candidates and where she ended up raising $2 million.


Goli lost by 19.3% at a time when CD-1 had a 3.1% Democratic voter registration advantage; Rob lost by 12.6% at a time when CD-1 had a 12.2% Democratic voter registration advantage. Adjusting for voter registration, Goli lost by 16.2%, and Rob lost by only 0.4%.

Contributions to Date (FEC) $505,000
Major Endorsements 2010 Gubernatorial Candidate Chris Dudley, 2010 US Senate Candidate Jim Huffman, former State Rep. Scott Bruun, State Sen. Bruce Starr, State Rep. Shawn Lindsay, State Rep. Julie Parrish, State Rep. Jim Weidner, State Rep. Matt Wingard, former Governor Vic Atiyeh, Phil Knight, The Oregonian, Portland Business Alliance
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Candidate D.R. (Delinda) Delgado-Morgan
Bio Delinda has been a member of International Union of Operating Engineers Local 701 since 1994. 

Delinda has taught Stranger Danger/Self Defense/Conflict Resolution to schools and county organizations. She has helped to raise over $100,000 for cancer research and $65,000 for college scholarships for underprivileged children. She has been involved in fund raisers for abused children, foster animals, breast cancer research and more.


She has been married to her husband Lance, who was a Marine pilot, for 25 years and they have three sons. They now also operate a family vineyard in Yamhill County.

Political Background None. However, Delinda has dealt with government agencies over construction contracts as a Project Engineer, Safety Officer, Superintendent, Project Manager and Vice President for a Construction Corporation.
Contributions to Date (FEC) None reported
Major Endorsements Mark Holiday (Business Manager & Financial Secretary, IUOE Local 701), Dorothy D. Aiello (PT, MSPT, DPT, CSST, Doctor of Physical Therapy), Candace Bornac, Vera Sullivan
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Candidate Pavel Goberman
Bio Pavel has 27 years of education: BA + Degree (Moscow, Russia). He attended a few universities and colleges in the USA, and speaks Russian. 

He has been an author, publisher, producer, speaker, inventor, consultant, advisor, trainer, coach, manager, supervisor, social worker, counselor, machinist, mechanic, welder, truck driver, logger, firefighter and beekeeper.


Pavel is the founder/provider of physical/mental fitness program “Get Energized!”

Political Background In 2010 Pavel ran for US Senate as a Democratic candidate, and his campaign committee was titled “Stop The Media And Political Prostitutions!” on the FEC filing. Pavel also filed to run for the US Senate as a Democratic candidate in 2008, and for US Senate as a Republican candidate in 2004. He filed to run for CD-1 in 2006 as a Democratic candidate. Pavel ran for Commissioner of BOLI in 2002 & 2008. He also ran for the Oregon State Senate in 2000 as a Libertarian candidate. To view the race results, click here.
Contributions to Date (FEC) $5,000 (self funded – Pavel has indicated on his FEC filings that he will not accept any contribution or donations from anyone)
Major Endorsements None listed on web site or voter’s pamphlet statement
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Candidate Jim Greenfield
Bio Jim has practiced law in Oregon, receiving his J.D. From Penn Law School inPhiladelphia.  He received his B.A. from Cornell, with a major in government.  He currently manages commercial and residential real estate investments and is a long time radio talk host.


Jim served for 6 years as a member of the Selection Committee for the Goldsmith Prize for Investigative Journalism at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government.  Jim is also a screenwriter, and wrote “The Taxman Cometh,” which won first prize in the Jaguar Films Screenwriting Contest.


Jim lives with his wife and children in Tigard.

Political Background Jim Greenfield ran as the Republican candidate against David Wu in CD-1 in 2002 and lost by 68,000 votes – 62.7% to 34%. In 2002, CD-1 had a 1.1% Democratic voter registration advantage. Adjusting for voter registration, Jim lost by 27.6%. Jim ran a very modest campaign – raising about $2,500. 

In the 1990’s Jim began hosting political talk radio shows on stations including KVAN, KUIK, KKGT, KBNP and KOHI, and on two syndicated networks, the Liberty Network and Talkstar.

Contributions to Date (FEC) None reported2
Major Endorsements None listed on web site or voter’s pamphlet statement
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Candidate Lisa Michaels
Bio Lisa is an independent media consultant and cable talk show host and producer. She holds a degree in journalism from the University of Kansas. 

Lisa has a background as a local TV/radio advertising sales representative, and she is the host of “Live with Lisa Michaels” TV show on TVCTV.


Lisa is the mother of two sons in college and one son in grade school.

Political Background Republican Nominee for State Representative in 2000, Alternate Delegate representing Oregon at Republican National Convention in 2004, Republican Nominee for State Senate in 2008, candidate for Tualatin Hills Park and Recreation District Board in 2009 and 2011. To view state race results, click here.
Contributions to Date (FEC) None reported
Major Endorsements None listed on web site or voter’s pamphlet statement
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 Note: candidates who raise less than $5,000 are not required to complete FEC contribution reporting


With the recent success in NY-9 (where the Republican victor overcame a stunning +39% Democratic voter registration advantage – Oregon’s CD-1 has a +12.2 Dem advantage), and with the ability to focus on just one race, this is looking like a very good year in CD-1 for Republicans.


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Correction: the original version of this article only reported Brad Avakian’s most recent quarter’s contributions of $183,000, but Avakian began his campaign early and had raised money prior to the most recent quarter.

Disclosure: the author has endorsed Rob Cornilles

1Small-i “independent” includes every party affiliation other than Democrat or Republican: Non Affiliated, Independent, Pacific Green, Progressive, Libertarian, Constitution, Working Families and Other

2In an Oct 19, 2011, Portland Tribune article it stated “Tigard real estate investor Jim Greenfield, didn’t report any contributions in the latest FEC report, but said he is loaning his campaign $100,000.”