Bill Kristol opens up Dorchester with the perfect tone for a NEW revitalized conservative vision that focused on thought and action. A mixed speech that touched on his past experience “¦ the wisdom of William F. Buckley “¦ and the struggles that await our party in the future. Mr. Kristol highlighted a time when thought was the standard within our party. A mantra that we desperately need to reclaim! A time when we capture the imagination of a majority of American’s and Oregonians by enumerated the principals and policies that we would push in upcoming sessions. As Krystal affirmed on “¦ “Conservative idea were put into place and they worked.” Republican did what they said and it worked! Welfare reform “¦ fighting communism “¦ crime in New York. Radical at the time “¦ but they came to be the mainstream “¦ and with public policy success came electoral success.

For Republicans to regain the success in the future “¦ it will take us gathering “¦ thinking “¦ sharing “¦ and building good policy. A tradition that Dorchester was formed with. To be prospective “¦ rather than retrospective!