Bill Kristol opens up Dorchester with the perfect tone for a NEW revitalized conservative vision that focused on thought and action. A mixed speech that touched on his past experience “¦ the wisdom of William F. Buckley “¦ and the struggles that await our party in the future. Mr. Kristol highlighted a time when thought was the standard within our party. A mantra that we desperately need to reclaim! A time when we capture the imagination of a majority of American’s and Oregonians by enumerated the principals and policies that we would push in upcoming sessions. As Krystal affirmed on “¦ “Conservative idea were put into place and they worked.” Republican did what they said and it worked! Welfare reform “¦ fighting communism “¦ crime in New York. Radical at the time “¦ but they came to be the mainstream “¦ and with public policy success came electoral success.

For Republicans to regain the success in the future “¦ it will take us gathering “¦ thinking “¦ sharing “¦ and building good policy. A tradition that Dorchester was formed with. To be prospective “¦ rather than retrospective!

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  • Friends of Meatpuppet

    The Dork-Chester conference? Wow did everybody get all pumped up and gung ho?

    How much money did billy boy spirit away that we do not have?

    The RNC/GOP committed suicide folks with Juan McCain.

    If you want to do some good for the citizens of our land then abandon the party and start a new one. This time put people with guts and American values at it’s head.

    Remove all special and commercial interests from the bank roll and rely on the people for money. If you are honest and follow a soon to be made up by Newt (contract with America) You will never loose.

    We have lost our way and there are no leaders standing up to lead the nation.

    Get ready folks, it’s going to be a bloody four years, Annie get your gun!

    • Anonymous

      Wow. You are the epitome of the word “inarticulate.” In addition to the numerous copy errors, you really make no point except to poke fun at the party and its members and to tell us that we aren’t going to win. As to the latter issue, since we didn’t select a national candidate who shares your (I’m guessing) far-right wing views, we are now automatically doomed to the mire of defeat.

      You are the worst kind of low level political thug. Insulting those active in politics (instead of sitting at home and posting snide, uneducated remarks on a blog) is a laughable side effect of your lack of influence in that very party. A lack of influence which is a side effect of your extremism, and something which I am now thanking God for.

    • eagle eye

      Bill Kristol spirited away money that we do not have? And how exactly did he do that? At gunpoint? Did he embezzle it or steal it from the mattress?

      This sounds like the familiar scapegoating and feeling sorry for oneself that has helped dig this hole. And the rest of your post is just a mess. What are you trying to say?

    • dian

      Special and commercial interests are people. Duh

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