Steve Duin hints at using laws to quash petition rights

Here is Steve Duin in The Oregonian today talking about the Democrat leadership:

There’s been no meaningful initiative reform to derail Kevin Mannix, no Hope scholarship program, no retooling the tort cap, no special session of any substance, and nothing one would file under ‘bold’ or ‘creative’.”

To me it appears Steve Duinadvocating that lawmakers pass laws to censor or stop someone from putting a measure on the ballot. Is this the real face of initiative reform — the ability deny people the right to petition their government? Should that be the role of politicians to use laws to deny due process rights to others? I hope that is not what he is saying.

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  • cc

    Of course Duin is saying just what he seems to be saying. Like all good liberals, his right/wrong judgement is dependent upon his like me/unlike me evaluation. I’m quite sure that Duin would never have even mentioned the issue if initiatives were circulated only by his Lake O liberal buddies. The importance of stifling the voices of those with whom he disagrees transcends any petty constitutional considerations.

    What an enlightened view.

    What a good Stalinist.

  • Tim Trickey

    Steve Duin is at least honest about his motives. He hates the “pesky initiative process” that allows average citizens a “say” in their governance.

    What Steve and others are not usually willing to admit, is that some of these initiatives “scare them” because they strike at a populist chord with so many voters. They fear the actual will of the people, and like any good liberal fascist, they worry about having to abide by laws passed directly by voters.

    Those of us on the “right” are at least willing to let the people have a say in the way we spend money, punish criminals, and exercise our freedoms. If the voters don’t support an issue, then “so be it”, their voice will be at least “heard”…

    I wish most of the other legislative leaders in Salem had the intellectual integrity that Steve Duin does. It would make the point that many of us have been trying to make for years; “The accumulation of power is the end goal of most liberals”.

    These same phony “democrats” are the same people who think they know better how you and I should live our lives and spend our money. Any threat to this *total monopoly of control* threatens their social engineering model and challenges their ability to “rule”.

    Don’t buy the hype, and remember, the initiative process (no matter how imperfect and problematic it may be) is still the last vestige of control the average voter retains to challenge the elitists who run this state.

  • Jerry

    Steve, just like the Oregonian, grows more irrelevant each day. Luckily he has no power, no prestige, no influence, and no talent. How sad it is to watch – no, wait, it is not that sad at all.

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