Allen Alley for State Treasurer!

Recently, I had the opportunity to meet with Allen Alley at Dorchester.

As earlier penned by Oregon Catalyst , Allen Alley is the current Chairman of Pixelworks, a fabless semiconductor company in Tualatin that he helped form in 1996. In addition to that role, Allen Alley was a Deputy Chief of Staff to the Governor Ted Kulongoski’s office. (Allen resigned from that position yesterday and has sent out a press release of his endorsement recently.)

Like many of you “¦ I did a double take when I first heard this information. Seriously “¦ Gov. Kulongoski has a registered Republican as a senior member of his staff? And why would one of the Portland area’s highest-profile CEO take this position? And what rock was I under that I didn’t know about this?

Resolving these internal conflicts and getting some answers were the dominant topics during our conversation. Actually, I am embarrassed to say “¦ I really didn’t get a chance to talk policy with the man. Honestly “¦ that won’t come as a shock to many of y’all that know me because I really don’t like to deal with the wonky intricacies of policy. I’d prefer to leave those subjects to individuals more qualified to deal with the history of state bonds, PERS, etc when evaluating a candidate for State Treasure.

For anyone that has read my previous writing on Oregon Catalyst, you know that I have a very strong cynical side. Sorry “¦ too many years in DC I guess! But Allen doesn’t have that. Allen still has the eyes of a child when it comes to government service and the opportunity to create change. He is genuine and honest and completely refreshing. And clearly not a career politician! Frustrated by a process that moves slowly, we spoke about the small victories that come from having such a position. To simply introduce conservative principals in to the vernacular of the Governor’s office “¦ are victories. These successes came by establishing trust. That an R label doesn’t simple mean a roadblock to their political achievement. Rather Allen was an individual with a different vision but the same goal of a better Oregon. Allen spoke very highly of everything that he learned in the Governor’s office and the opportunity to serve Oregon. But that course has been ridden and now he knows that to best serve his principals and believes, and the people of Oregon, he must leave the Governor’s office and strike out on his own. A challenge he had done not that long ago with Pixelwork … he now brings that same spirit to the Treasurer’s race.

As for the office of the State Treasurer, to quote the current State Treasurer Randall Edwards website, “serves as the chief financial officer for the State and is responsible for the prudent financial management of billions of taxpayer dollars.. The Treasury is managed like a business, striving to save taxpayers money and earn the highest possible return on investments.” Interesting “¦ that the current Democrat would stress the similarities between this position and running a business. Maybe “¦ just maybe “¦ you would want a businessperson running it. Just maybe.

For more detailed information on the office”¦ (BLAM!)

And while, I look forward to meeting him again and learning more about his thoughts on economic theory, dynamic scoring, supply-side economics, etc. Today, I just wanted to look him in the eye and learn how (and more importantly why) someone would want to work for Governor Kulongoski. And I truly enjoyed what I heard from Allen during our conversation.

With as dominate as the Democratic stranglehold has taken over this state “¦ I “˜d be happy to have a state government that is simply more productive with my tax dollars. I know Allen will, without a doubt, bring this kind of responsible leadership to the Treasurer’s office.

And I look forward to working on his behalf against BEN WESTLUND. Oh yeah “¦ he is running against Ben Westlund. As if you needed another reason to support him.

So “¦ let’s hear it … ALLEN ALLEY FOR TREASURER!!!