Allen Alley for State Treasurer!

Recently, I had the opportunity to meet with Allen Alley at Dorchester.

As earlier penned by Oregon Catalyst , Allen Alley is the current Chairman of Pixelworks, a fabless semiconductor company in Tualatin that he helped form in 1996. In addition to that role, Allen Alley was a Deputy Chief of Staff to the Governor Ted Kulongoski’s office. (Allen resigned from that position yesterday and has sent out a press release of his endorsement recently.)

Like many of you “¦ I did a double take when I first heard this information. Seriously “¦ Gov. Kulongoski has a registered Republican as a senior member of his staff? And why would one of the Portland area’s highest-profile CEO take this position? And what rock was I under that I didn’t know about this?

Resolving these internal conflicts and getting some answers were the dominant topics during our conversation. Actually, I am embarrassed to say “¦ I really didn’t get a chance to talk policy with the man. Honestly “¦ that won’t come as a shock to many of y’all that know me because I really don’t like to deal with the wonky intricacies of policy. I’d prefer to leave those subjects to individuals more qualified to deal with the history of state bonds, PERS, etc when evaluating a candidate for State Treasure.

For anyone that has read my previous writing on Oregon Catalyst, you know that I have a very strong cynical side. Sorry “¦ too many years in DC I guess! But Allen doesn’t have that. Allen still has the eyes of a child when it comes to government service and the opportunity to create change. He is genuine and honest and completely refreshing. And clearly not a career politician! Frustrated by a process that moves slowly, we spoke about the small victories that come from having such a position. To simply introduce conservative principals in to the vernacular of the Governor’s office “¦ are victories. These successes came by establishing trust. That an R label doesn’t simple mean a roadblock to their political achievement. Rather Allen was an individual with a different vision but the same goal of a better Oregon. Allen spoke very highly of everything that he learned in the Governor’s office and the opportunity to serve Oregon. But that course has been ridden and now he knows that to best serve his principals and believes, and the people of Oregon, he must leave the Governor’s office and strike out on his own. A challenge he had done not that long ago with Pixelwork … he now brings that same spirit to the Treasurer’s race.

As for the office of the State Treasurer, to quote the current State Treasurer Randall Edwards website, “serves as the chief financial officer for the State and is responsible for the prudent financial management of billions of taxpayer dollars.. The Treasury is managed like a business, striving to save taxpayers money and earn the highest possible return on investments.” Interesting “¦ that the current Democrat would stress the similarities between this position and running a business. Maybe “¦ just maybe “¦ you would want a businessperson running it. Just maybe.

For more detailed information on the office”¦ (BLAM!)

And while, I look forward to meeting him again and learning more about his thoughts on economic theory, dynamic scoring, supply-side economics, etc. Today, I just wanted to look him in the eye and learn how (and more importantly why) someone would want to work for Governor Kulongoski. And I truly enjoyed what I heard from Allen during our conversation.

With as dominate as the Democratic stranglehold has taken over this state “¦ I “˜d be happy to have a state government that is simply more productive with my tax dollars. I know Allen will, without a doubt, bring this kind of responsible leadership to the Treasurer’s office.

And I look forward to working on his behalf against BEN WESTLUND. Oh yeah “¦ he is running against Ben Westlund. As if you needed another reason to support him.

So “¦ let’s hear it … ALLEN ALLEY FOR TREASURER!!!

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  • Alan

    A businessman for treasurer? Sounds good, except that in Oregon business is so often vilified.

    • metoo

      What a joke Thig guy isa loser worked for kulonognski!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mike

    Just say no to former bull seman dealers! No Ben Westlund. 🙂

  • Weak!

    I said it in the last Allen Alley thread and I’ll say it again:
    I like the guy. He’s very poorly positioned to run a campaign.

    I’m sorry, I just can’t get exceited about a guy who’s been set up to take every campaign hit in the book:
    – Taking a multimillion dollar salary while laying off employees
    – Working as the tken Dem stooge for Kulongoski (that oughta energize the base, right?)
    – As reported on politicker, he publicly denied he would run months ago

    Business acumen aside, these are some pretty strong talking points for someone to be working against with zero name recognition. I mean, we can pretend to be excited for the guy but the fact is that I have NO IDEA who he is, and it sounds like Dylan didn’t either when he started writing this piece.

    I would like to see a conservative business owner who wasn’t forced out of his job and into a democrat office for the last few years. I’m sorry, no matter how hard I try I can not get excited about this guy.

    • Dylan

      I am glad you “like” Allen too. He is a tremendous person. And even better one on one.

      Personally, I think he is perfectly positioned for a run at State Treasurer. And I am disappointed that you continue to not agree. But obviously, we’ll just agree to disagree.

      As mentioned in the brief posting … it seems that even the current Treasure would agree that a business background would be well suited for this position. Something that I don’t think you would deny either.

      But let me just deal with the different issues as I seem them. I am going to do them in reverse order …

      A. Not running for office. My thoughts and things that I learned while talking to him. He did have a real passion in his voice when he talked about Oregon 5. And I think if Kevin wasn’t in that race it would have been his first choice. And I think the place that he could have done the most good. But Kevin is in that race and he is a huge barrier when you have very little name id. Additionally, he was getting a lot of pressure from conservative organizations to run for this office and not to run in a crowded primary. As the party search for current elected officials to run for the office became more limited … I would have expected the pressure on him to have increased him. The open field … the new relationships he had build during the investigation … all lead to him having a change of heart. And frankly … I am glad he did. It has been disappoint to see the lack or Republicans wiling to risk a statewide run. This wasn’t an easy choice but it shows courage.

      B. Working for a Dem “stooge.” Playing political consultant via the internet. The reality is the primary field is empty at this point. He doesn’t need to worry about a challenge from the right that would complaint about this. And frankly … the base doesn’t care about the Treasurers race. Never has … never well. This is so far down the ticket that EVEREY other race will determine conservative turnout but this one. But I wouldn’t be shocked if Allen could motivate conservatives by pointing to Ben’s record. Author of the modern sales tax in Oregon which he calls “revenue reform” or Billion Dollar Ben (a phrase that I heard from a friend recently ) because of the billions in tax increases he backed in 2002 and 2003. Seriously … the Westlund record is horrible. And many more Republicans also will be motivated by Westlund abandonment of the party principals … and then eventually the party. As for Allen working with the Governor … since he has no primary opposition and we’re only dealing with the general at this point. I would suspect that his work for Gov.’s office will help with messaging to independents and moderate Democrats. Keys since the Republican base growth has been stagnant in recent years.

      C. The Class Warfare stuff. Here is what I stated before too … I still stand by it. Agreed … being a successfully CEO brings with it both positive attributes and negative ones. Just look at Mitt Romney’s failed campaign. And yes … the class warfare attack that your laying out would have been used even more had he been the eventual nominee. We need to support MORE non-career politics to run. CEOs make tough decisions … tough decisions have real implications. He’ll need to show empathy to appeal to the blue collar type voters at risk in this attack. But as Crawdude suggested … anyone is better than Westland. And I am very happy to have and support him as a candidate. And I think it speaks very highly of candidates that are willing to take significant pay cuts to serve the public good. Mitt wasn’t my choice in the primary but I still think his business centered experiences brought a healthy perspective to the debate. And I am glad he was part of the crowded field.
      And yes … Understanding the class warfare attacks that will come are important so the candidate can be prepared and answer them. But we can’t give these attacks validity by running off good people willing to serve.
      And it sound like you too agree that his skills and experience would, in fact, do well in the role as Treasurer.

      And you are correct … I DIDN’T know who Allen was. I took it upon myself to learn more about him and to meet him. I am glad I did. And happy with what I’ve learned. He is already putting together a great team and sounds to have a solid plan and budget together to get enough money together to get his message across. When that happens … I expect people will like what they hear.

      As for the last statement … he wasn’t forced out of his current business. As i understand it, he is STILL the Chairman of Pixelworks. I am sure his role has changed within the company as he took on public service. As it has been any member of the State Legislature that has a second job. Wow that was long winded. Sorry.

  • Tim Trickey

    It sounds like Mr Alley is overqualified for the job as State Treasurer… I do like the idea of a man who has had to manage a payroll before running the finances of our state…

  • Mark

    Glad to hear we have a candidate of his caliber. Especially being one of the few Republicans in the state with first hand state level Executive experience.

  • John Fairplay

    Alley is clearly more qualified than Westlund, who couldn’t spell “Cat” if you spotted him the “C” and the “T.” However, Alley is no friend of the initiative process, and is certainly no conservative. As long as everyone understands that the “R” behind his name may not mean much, I’m sure he’ll make a fine Treasurer.

  • Anonymous

    Glad Allen is in. He is a good guy and will stretch our imaginations on growing Oregon’s economy. He understands business, managing money, and attracting jobs to this state. He also seems to get our role in the world’s economy.

    Ben Westlund as treasurer? There is a lot more to his “bull” than semen.

  • Mat

    I am excited about Allen’s announcement. I can whole heartedly support him for two reasons:

    1. Allen has worked with Democrat’s over the past few years working in Kulongoski’s office, Republicans need Oregonians who care about a better Oregon regardless of party and I believe he will practice bi-partisanship as Treasurer working for true and stable fiscal management.

    2. Allen has a keen and forward looking insight to finance and economics. He is someone who understands how the real world works. To have that kind of experience in public office is truly a noble idea.

  • Dave A.

    Glad to see someone running against that morally bankrupt pile of garbage Ben Westlund. Westlund is the type of guy who will try hard to make a career out of being at the public trough. Oregon already has way more of those than we need.

  • Joe

    Allen will represent the state and our party very well. This is a man who has already been successful, he doesn’t need this political position to define him, and he does it to help the citizens of our state (unlike many of our other elected officials).

    He is very much qualified for the job and is a good Republican. He has my support!

  • Andy

    I was very excited to here the news. Allen is very qualified for the position. I have had the opportunity to meet him and I was very impressed with his approach.

  • Sh. Halo

    It does not matter what Allen has done, or how nice he is to meet in person. His real self will come out in a tough campaign, good or bad. The next few months will be the real test.

  • Central Oregonian

    I live in Central Oregon (Ben’s Senate District) and am absolutely elated that we have a competent, business oriented candidate running for office to look out for the interests of all Oregonians….not a pompous, self-serving, egoistic slacker as we now have ….Ben.

    I have never seen the excitement and energy for a “valley” candidate which is being exhibited toward Allen Alley by so many Central Oregonians. Ben’s reputation in our neck of the woods has been sullied beyond repair. I, and others, do not want Ben in any fiscal role with Oregon’s taxpayers and investments.

    Go ALLEN!!

  • Final count

    This grandiose candidate has all of the credentials of a politician (more of the same) It is all fine and dandy to point out all of the problems and inefficiencies that we are burdened with. Anybody can do that. The question is what will you do about it? Your promises don’t mean squat to us. We have heard it all before, right sleepy ted? Unless you are willing to sign a contract with the voters that states your intentions and consequences for failing that contract. FOGETABOUTIT!

  • Sassy

    I have never met Mr. Alley and perhaps I will get the opportunity soon.

    In my opinion, some conservatives whine and complain that there are no good candidates to choose from and then when someone steps up to the plate, (which usually has only vegetables on it like cauliflower, I do not like cauliflower), and not a very appetizing plate as is the political climate for conservatives in Oregon, we tend to start picking those brave souls apart and asking questions at a frantic pace like; Who are they …what are they … where did they come from … why are they here … who do they know … how did they meet them????? All good questions when they are genuinely asked for the purpose of making an informed decision in voting and not for spreading gossip.

    Speaking of genuine, what happened to words like responsibility, accountability and wisdom? As American Citizens we have a duty to ask questions with due diligence and good will, which may produce more good candidates for public office.

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