Yes on Measure 386 radio ad campaign tries to win word war


The yes on 386 and No on 388 campaign just put out a smart radio advertisement asking voters to vote for “6” and reject “8” because the county tried to spoil the 386 measure by putting up their own measure. So it has become a war over competing words of similar but different ballot measures and ballot measure numbers. Measure 3-386 will gives Clackamas County voters the right to vote on Clackamas County urban renewal districts and have a say in  County’s debt and spending decisions over urban renewal.   Measure 386 made the ballot because  over 10,000 voters who signed a petition to bring it to the ballot.

  • guest

    Sock puppets on the Clackamas BCC cooked up 3-388 to be obtuse and CONfuse voters attending commoner sense urban renewal.

    The same chicken soup group smacks of TriMet ingredients with a ratio of 4/5 bull salt to 1/5 Savas…who being sagely sublime.  

    And lo, lest the county that did, indeed, say no to Metro become suffered into more ‘governmentium’ and administratium – please vote Yes on 3-386, absolutely NO to 3-388 – and demand 4/5 of the current BCC and Milwaukie mayor be roundly housed and hosed at some Animal Farm barn.