Rep. Bruce Hanna Newsmaker segment airs

Press Release from Republican House Leader Bruce Hanna 3-7-08:

Recently I had the great opportunity to work with Ken Ackerman and the good folks at Comcast’s NewsMakers. NewsMakers is a television program produced here in Oregon to highlight issues and people of interest to Oregonians. In February, they worked with several lawmakers to bring you a little taste of the February session.

The segment I taped is already airing on CNN, in conjuction with Headline News. It’s a chance for you to hear a little bit about the issues that continue to be of great concern for me, like keeping our kids safe at school, getting troopers out on Oregon’s roads, Oregon Project Independence, and overall budget accountability (that’s the Legislature being accountable to you, folks – NOT the other way around).

5:54 am through 3:54 pm (hourly at 54 minutes past the hour)
5:54 pm
6:54 pm
11:54 pm

5:54 am through 11:54 pm (hourly at 54 minutes past the hour)

If you have Comcast cable, you should be able to view the program. I hope you take a few minutes to sit down with your family and watch this 5-minute segment.