Occupy Portland coming to an end?

KGW is reporting that Portland Police have plans to remove Occupy Portland, and that Mayor Sam Adams and Chief Michael Reese will be having a press conference this morning at 10:00 AM.

  • Rupert in Springfield

    I was the Occupiers biggest supporter but even I am getting bored with this stuff. Yep yep, you want some free stuff, pay for student loans yadda yadda. What else is new? I still remain convinced that Republicans had no small hand in starting up these things.

    The Eugene situation has gotten positively ludicrous as the Occupiers have realized that being moved to five different locations kind of defeats the whole occupy notion.

    I drove by the Eugene occupy yesterday and it was great. They are basically set up in the homeless park, so instead of cardboard boxes and shopping carts, there are some pretty damn nice looking tents. Someone even had a giant very professional looking Tee Pee, the thing must have cost a fortune.

    The point is the longer the one stays camping out, the less the message says “I am angry, politically motivated and righteous, hear me roar” and the more it says “I can camp out, I have some nice gear and the free time to use it, hear me vacation!”

    The protest becomes less a political event and more a reality TV show. The focus shifts from political message to endurance camping. People become less interested, if they ever were, and begin to wish they had the time to go camping for a few weeks.

    In short – going on a protest and going on vacation are two very different things. This is why massive protests in India can initiate the fall of the British Empire but a sit in at Berkley accomplishes little but the unremarkable demonstration of the use of a chair.

    Moral – If you want to convince people of your commitment to a cause, go on a hunger strike. If you want to convince people you like to camp, have a pretty nice tent, and are in the enviable position of being able to take off weeks at a time to do so, then do as the occupiers have done.

  • wnd

    Take note:  Those who voted to NOT to drop at least 99 bobbles of Sam Adams off the (mayoral) wall…ought be invoiced for the cleanup of Chapman and Lownsdale Squares – or,  be punched squarely in their aye for failing to recall Portland’s worst mayor, y’all.  

  • valley person

    I wonder what the greater good-greater harm equation is here.   Clearly the camp has to come to an end at some point. But other than aesthetics, it isn’t doing much harm. If eviction turns into a riot, is that really worth it? Why not kill the camp with kindness? Offer some small actions in return for gradual shrinkage, like a hostage negotiation. We will pass this resolution if you free up that part of the park. We will give some funding to a shelter if you leave that other part.

    The young people in the square need some sense of having accomplished something in order for them to leave with honor. Figure something out Sam. 

    • 3H

      The Occupy Portland crowd refused to bow down to Sam or Randy.  In fact, they ignored them.   Can’t have that, can we?

    • Bite It Loser Boy

      Wow! even more stupidity from the clown in Corvallis. Funny that a schmuck from cow-town Corvallis knows so much about what happens in Portland. Bwhahahhahaha!

      • valley person

        Corvallis? I can see why you call yourself loser boy. I live 85 miles north of Corvallis, and have an office 2 blocks from the occupy Portland camp. 

        Do you have anything else to share with us?

    • Anonymous

      The “occupiers” are breaking the law and in the process are wasting hundreds of thousands of dollars that could be used in much more beneficial ways. It’s about time that Scam Adams realized who he represents…it’s the 97 percent of people who think the “occupiers” are a bunch of scum.

      • valley person

        Surveys suggest that a pretty large majority agree with the protesters. 

  • BodybyFischer

    Please, no, these brave souls are the only ones who really care about America.

  • Edwardio

    VP You wonder all right.Clearly the camp should have come to an end after the first couple days at the most.end at some point.    How can you possibly be such an idiot as to not perceive anything wrong but aesthetics?Really? You don’t see the harm in the multiple code, zoning, health and park violations, prohibition of normal park use, 100s of thousands in police overtime and the stench of low life’s debris and habits?”It isn’t doing much harm”?What a small mind you have to suggest paying a ransom to get them to leave. They already have a sense of accomplishing something. They got to flip off the public,  civilization, laws and got the mayor to help them.

    • valley person

      Its always amusing when small government conservatives get all in huff over code violations. I guess big government is useful now and then eh Edwardio?

      “Normal” park use for those particular parks is transients hanging on the benches.  These are not suburban soccer fields, and other users have not been displaced. In point of fact, those parks are getting way more “use” now than they have gotten in years.

      As far as low lifes and stench, there appear to be at least 3 contingents at the camp. One is mostly young well educated, washed adults upset about the economic crisis and attempting to turn attention towards who they feel deserve much of the blame….the investment class.

      Second is homeless down and outers, which includes a lot of vets, alcoholics, and mentally ill. Yes, they are a grungy bunch. And once the camp is dispersed they will still be around, as grungy as ever and right back on the benches and under the bridges.

      Third is a more anarchist group looking to take advantage of the cover offered to stir up trouble. Its a small number but the most problematic. A police confrontation is exactly what they want.

      The city’s goal should be to wind this down without provoking a confrontation. The best way to do that in my view is to negotiate with the first group without deadlines. Give them something that allows them to leave with their heads up. Then, have a free eats day for the down and outers to get them away from the camp. Once it is down to a dozen or 2 anarchists, the cops can move in.

      Maybe you think the protesters flipped off the public. But as a tax paying member of the public who works 2 blocks from the protest, I don’t feel flipped off. I feel that at long last this young generation has started to stand up for themselves. Its the American way, and I’m proud of them.