Occupy Portland becoming a taxpayer-funded Petri dish

by “Rob” (a contributor who needs to stay anonymous for their job)

I hear people all the time on the news saying that they support the occupy movement, and believe it is a great way for people to express their ideas.  My question is: Have the people who believe in the “Occupy movement” ever visited the camp sites, or even stayed there?  I’m going to have to say no.

My job puts me in a position where I walk by the camp sites on a regular basis, and what I have been seeing more and more can only be described as a Petri dish of health concerns; on the brink of becoming a hazmat situation.

I’ve seen, on a regular basis, white buckets with the stains of human waste being carried by protesters out of the park. A locked cage on one corner of the park contains red gas canisters, which are placed on the bare ground.  Also, in the beginning of the protest, protesters placed hay down on the park grounds to try to control damp conditions. That hay is currently been plagued with black mold.  Two “Porta Potties” are overflowing with human waste, and you can see a damp trail of fluid flowing from the bathrooms to the street.

The two parks in Portland, which were recently redone by taxpayer’s money, have lost all their grass.  Hiker ropes create spider webs through the trees, breaking limbs.  An electric car charger at one corner of the park has been redesigned to supply stolen electricity to the park, with extension cords pouring from it.

The cost estimated by the Parks Bureau is about $20,000 so far to fix the parks.  Overtime for police security is over $180,000. Businesses have been damaged with spray paint, multiple police vehicles have been damaged, and I just recently saw on the news that someone threw human feces on the court house that’s located across the street from the protesters.  There has been one rape that was reported to the police, and also a registered sex offender who listed his address as “Chapman Square Occupy Portland.”  Did I mention that children are staying down there with their parents, and go to an “Occupy Daycare?”

So after I’ve seen and heard all of this, I am appalled that this “protest” is allowed to happen, and now the protesters want to move to another park.  What bothers me is the over $200,000 in damages is going to be paid by taxpayers, not the “banks,” or “one percent,” that the protesters always talk about.  I would rather see the $200,000 be used to pave roadways, or employ a couple of teachers, or keep a school open.   I think there is a balance between the people’s right to assemble, and the impact it has on the community.  From what I have seen, this balance has shifted, and the working taxpayer is the one being mistreated.

UPDATE: KGW story on Sanitation concerns at Occupy Portland from Tues, Nov 1, 2011

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  • John

    Sorry anonymous Rob, your wrong about the unsanitory conditions. read this –
    “County Health Officials Visit Occupy Portland, Find No “Actionable” Violations”https://www.wweek.com/portland/blog-27805-county_health_officials_visit_occupy_portland_find_no_actionable_violations.html
    What else are you wrong about? And why do you have to remain anonymous to spread bad information? Let us know who you are.

    • How about the grass. How about the generator and extension cords, when was the last time you drank dirty unclean unhealthy dishwater, what about the overflowing piss from the crapper. How about the mold in the Hay. I will let you know who I am: I am the son of a bitch that is going to knock some sense into elected officials if they don’t start doing their job.

    • Anonymous

      The County is RUN by Liberals, why would any of their agencies say a damn thing against the liberal sponsored sham of a demonstration for Socialism.  What a ridiculous remark..  If this were the Tea Party the Violation Tickets would flow from ticket books like rain…

  • TheDude

    It definitely does hurt the working taxpayer. But try to think of a better way to get the attention of everyone… Didn’t think so

    • Dracula

      I disagree with what your implying. People are talking about the costs of these protests as if they are too high and unusual in some way. How much does it cost to secure a WTO meeting or a major sports event? What about when the President comes to town? Also, are you implying that the protesters are not working taxpayers? Maybe its their turn to have security looking out for their interests rather than the interests of the rich.

      • Anonymous

        Oh for Pete’s Sake, How many of these “Protesters” could afford to be off work this long.. Most are UN-Employed..  And I haven’t ever seen a WTO  rep. shit and piss in the streets then leave it stinking in a bucket… 

        And it was those who had money to invest in all kinds of Mom and Pop businesses and start-ups that built this Nation..  It has always been about the Job Creators and the Job Takers…  That’s true even in a COMMUNIST COUNTRY…  Except in a Captialist Country, anyone has a chance to prosper if they WORK FOR IT, to become Rich…  In a Communist Country, you have a job most likely assigned to you and you may run a business owned by the Government and run it the way they want it run, whether it is good business practices or not.. 

        I’m sick and tired of the Have-nots crying about what others have worked for and deserve..  I’m tired of this stupid blame game on the so called rich…  If you focused on everyone who makes $250K per year and took everything they have, money, businesses, homes, cars, boats, planes, EVERYTHING and turned it all into cash…  It still would not run this government for a complete year.. Then what, who will create jobs then?  Government, with what? 

        This whole Occupy Wall Street movement is a bunch of 60’s wannabe’s trying to capture the hippy movement while being manipulated by Union goons and the Socialist/Communist movement.. 

        Immigrants came to this county to Assimilate, WORK and PROSPER…  Now we have a flood of Immigrants mostly illegal who don’t want to assimilate, and want all the freebies available as if it is a right… Socialism is not the answer,  Government needs to scale back and level the free Market playing field for Business and workers so NO one is being taken advantage of and both are able to prosper..   That’s what build this nation, not a bunch of cry baby, tit sucking parasites who think they are entitled to a free ride on someone else s back…

    • Anonymous

      Well, if you compare a Tea Party Demonstration to that of OWS Demonstration, I have a lot more respect for The Tea Party as they had their grievances known by all, didn’t find it necessary to piss and shit in the streets or to chant mindlessly in unison, fornicate in public, set up tent cities full of crime against each other including rape and murder…

      No When the Tea Party felt they got their point across, they cleaned up after themselves and left the area requiring no police intervention nor city clean up crews…  Yep, I know which way is better to get your point across.. Yet the Main Stream Liberal Media, the White House, Congressional Cronies all vilify the Tea Party while praising OWS…

      That tells me a whole lot about this Administration and the direction it wants to go..

  • Burton

    I read the WW article and have made up my mind. I’m moving to Chapman Square!

  • ArlettaQ

    “White buckets of waste” are actually dirty dishwater so obviously you haven’t done any actual research. Anonymous people are usually anonymous because they are pretending to be someone else.  I bet “Rob” isn’t even in Portland.

  • Look no further than the Jack Ass in City Hall. Maybe we should go protest on their front yard, yelling and screaming at their neighbors. I bet this would come to an end in short order. Isn’t the health issue the reason why permits are required and standards are set for anyone using public facilities.

  • Nick

    I agree that that repair money could be better used, but you’re looking at the short term. The now-worldwide Occupy movement is a fight for long term change. It would be great if the $200,000 could go to community services like roads and schools, but how often do tax dollars go to the services we really need? Think of this $200,000 as an investment in building a more equal future. 

  • Eric

    Great post, Rob.  Personally, I hope someone starts shooting the Occupiers since Sam won’t do anything about it.

  • Katiekat421

    Ok… chalk that one up to the learning curve, but we needs to accept donations and put together a national sanitation program for all camps, soon before they cause harm….

  • Katiekat421

    Ok… chalk that one up to the learning curve, but we needs to accept donations and put together a national sanitation program for all camps, soon before they cause harm….

    • Anonymous

      Like we should foot the bill for Liberals even for their demonstrations, we are already paying for their Social Services, Public Housing, their kids education, their abortions, and a host of other needs because they are to lazy to do for themselves, now we should donate to clean up their shit while they scream for MORE, MORE, MORE GIVE ME’S..  Let them try to imitate the Tea Party and clean up after themselves……

  • Believe me if a Christan group of people decided to have a revival or vigil in a park without a permit, they would be thrown out in a heart beat.  Besides that they would need to go home to go to work and take care of their families and other responsibilities. 

  • Bob Clark

    Occupy “Wall Street” is really Occupy Welfare State (OWS).  It really boils down to these folks wanting the government to increase its hand outs to them but they don’t seem to understand the government is tapped out, on the verge of bankruptcy.  OWS is our version of Greek protests.

    Kind of ironic these same folks support Obama eventhough it should be obvious he promised them hope and change back in ’08.  Guess they like keeping conditions the same while also griping about them.  Or maybe it’s all an excuse to party on the public dime. 

    • Anonymous

      When you make someone a slave to entitlements, they cannot help but get lazy the longer they are on it, some have been slaves for Generations, learning the system from previous generations…  All slaves can do is cry for more and Bitch if they don’t get it RIGHT NOW…  Occupy Wall Street Demonstrations are those who have NO backbone to do for themselves and blame others for their situation, they of course have no responsibility for their own life or choices…  So they take to the streets to fornicate, do drugs, piss on the walls of nearby businesses,get Drunk and vomit on the  ground for others to walk in and cannot even come to common grounds on what the hell they really want except more entitlements… 

      They demonize big business and Banks while using cell phones, Ipods, MP3 players, and a list of other things manufactured by who?  Big Business!  What a bunch of Hypocrites…..  They have been so infiltrated with control monitors paid for by George Soros and the Unions to push them in a direction for the destruction of Capitalism and these idiots just repeat mantras that are vomited up to them by Communist Guides…

      What a bunch of Communist lead sheep, from now on we need to tie responsibilities of getting off public Entitlements as a condition of getting them, like random drug test, community service job training, Public Housing random inspections for damage..  All having consequences of lost Entitlement if not complied with…

  • Branxton

    my hope is that these brave people will force change.

    • Anonymous

      What kind of Change?  We have seen Great Changes in the last 1000 days of the Obama Administration…  We now have a Chicago style Administration backed up with over 30 Czars answerable to no one but his Majesty Obama..  All of which are Communist, Socialist sympathizers charged with CHANGING America to a welfare state, so overburdening it financially to bring it down..  What,   isn’t it happening fast enough for ya? 

      Freedom loving producers in this country will act to save America in 2012..  Then you will see some REAL changes for individual Freedoms and individual responsibility that made this country great….

  • Lamoureux Eric

    For what its worth, you can get a sexual offendor charge on your criminal record pretty easily. For example, a 16 year old boy has sex with his 15 year old girlfriend and the girls parents get upset and press charges. Bam. Now you have to walk around for the rest of your life with “child molester” label.

    My understanding is that the sex offendor mentioned by anonymous rob here, is actually happily married to the little girl he assaulted and that they have a child of their own and that his wife isn’t much younger than he is.

  • Occupy Wall Street’s ability to keep speaking up for the 99% depends in part on their ability to hold out against the winter weather. And that depends on their having the right supplies—sub-zero sleeping bags, long underwear, and warm hats and gloves. If you have any of these items—or can go buy them today—and are willing to donate, . Your contributions will make a huge difference in ensuring that Occupy Wall Street can keep up their good work. We’ve also helped put together a new site, OccupyWishList.org, that lets Occupy groups around the country list the supplies they need and lets people like you help fill those needs. Many of those occupations can accept shipped donations, so even if you can’t make it down to Occupy Wall Street today, you can help occupiers from Albany to Anchorage get ready for cold weather. Check out what’s needed here: https://occupywishlist.org Thanks

  • valley person

    I suggest those passing judgment on the OWS protestors as leeches read Steve Duin’s column that profiles a few of them. 


    • just doing the math

      Thanks for the link. I seriously doubt some of the the above posters will
      read the article from Steve Duin(sp) and the comment section that
      follows the article. And though, many of the above posters see the
      protesters as leeches of society demanding government handouts;
      maybe, one way to view the protest is to see it as a manifestation of 
      the frustration with the growing lack of opportunity in our society/
      economy that many others have already painfully endured in this
      continuing recession. Oh, but I have to come down to earth, this
      is a conservative website; I am expecting to much in the empathy

    • Ballistic45

      I suggest you go watch this video of OWS protestors turning down legitimate job offers citing all kinds of reasons they can’t work..

      So we have perfectly health people smoking pot, makin-out and chanting Communist BS for hours on end. But they can’t work….

      So who is Bull shitting who here?   You can’t piss in your own bathwater then complain that it stinks like PISS…  Pull your pants up, get rid of all the ear, nose, eyebrow, tongue, lip rings and plugs, clean up, take responsibility for yourself and your predicament and get a friggin JOB no matter what it is just to stay in the habit of WORKING for a LIVING…
      No one is going to come looking for you to present you with a Good Job..  But these people know that..  And this video shows what happens when jobs ARE AVAILABLE TO THEM..  They scatter like a flock of Quail out of a Bush….

  • Rupert in Springfield

    The way you have to look at it all is pretty simple. The same nitwits who were apoplectic because a black man stood peacefully at a tea party rally with an AR 15 are now indignant about any saying anything bad about the streeters.

    In other words someone exercising his second ammendment rights was a “threat of violence”. That was considered a fair assumption by the anti tea party crowd but if you say word one about the streeters they will flip out.

    Let’s face it, the occupy movement is largely a bunch of people who are cranky and believe they deserve the same handout they think the banks got. They want free stuff. That’ s about it. We all know it, they essentially say it, and a fair and just society means you pay, they play.

    The longer they stay in the park the better as far as I am concerned. Nothing is more alienating to the public having to go to work and watch a bunch of people who apparently don’t have to complain about how hard they have it.

    I fully support them long and protracted park squatting. It keeps the public aware that there is a substantial number of people out there who really want you to pay for more of their bad habits. Nothing is a better advertisement for the Republican party.

  • Larry

    Is it time for the people of Portland to take the law in there own hands when Legal authorities will not defend or protect the people?

  • Larry

    Is it time for the people of Portland to take the law in there own hands when Legal authorities will not defend or protect the people?

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