Candidate update: Complete candidate roster

For all of those political fanatics who can’t get enough candidate information. I have enclosed the entire House/Senate roster. Other political parties may add their candidates later in the year.
– Jason Williams

Jeff Kruse, Republican, Senate, 1st District
Eldon Rollins, Democrat, Senate, 1st District
Richard Koopmans, Democrat, Senate, 2nd District
Jason A. Atkinson, Republican, Senate, 2nd District
Joanne Verger, Democrat, Senate, 5th DistrictBob McDonald, Democrat, Senate, 9th District
Fred Girod, Republican, Senate, 9th District
Steven H. Frank, Democrat, Senate, 9th District
Herman Joseph Baurer, Republican, Senate, 9th District
Sarah Arcune, Republican, Senate, 9th District
Brian J. Boquist, Republican, Senate, 12th District
Kevin C. Nortness, Democrat, Senate, 12th District
Mark Hass, Democrat, Senate, 14th District
Lisa Michaels, Republican, Senate, 14th District
Ginny Burdick, Democrat, Senate, 18th District
John Wight, Republican, Senate, 18th District
Diane Rosenbaum, Democrat, Senate, 21st District
Margaret Carter, Democrat, Senate, 22nd District
Sean Cruz, Democrat, Senate, 23rd District
Jackie Dingfelder, Democrat, Senate, 23rd District
Laurie Monnes Anderson, Democrat, Senate, 25th District
Phil Philiben, Democrat, Senate, 27th District
Maren Lundgren, Democrat, Senate, 27th District
Chris Telfer, Republican, Senate, 27th District
John P. Robbins, Republican, Senate, 27th District
Doug Whitsett, Republican, Senate, 28th District
David Nelson, Republican, Senate, 29th District
Ted Ferrioli, Republican, Senate, 30th District

Wayne Krieger, Republican, House 1st District
Richard (Rick) Goche, Democrat, House 1st District
Jim Fox, Republican, House 2nd District
Tim J Freeman, Republican, House 2nd District
Harry McDermott, Democrat, House 2nd District
Ron Maurer, Republican, House 3rd District
Julie Rubenstein, Democrat, House 3rd District
Dennis Richardson, Republican, House 4th District
RONALD SCHUTZ, Republican, House 4th District
Peter Buckley, Democrat, House 5th District
Sal Esquivel, Republican, House 6th District
Lynn Howe, Democrat, House 6th District
Bruce Hanna, Republican, House 7th District
G. Nick McKibbin, Democrat, House 7th District
Donald Nordin, Democrat, House 7th District
Paul R. Holvey, Democrat, House 8th District
Arnie Roblan, Democrat, House 9th District
Al Pearn, Republican, House 9th District
Jean Cowan, Democrat, House 10th District
Phil Barnhart, Democrat, House 11th District
Elizabeth Terry Beyer, Democrat, House 12th District
Sean MP VanGordon, Republican, House 12th District
Nancy Nathanson, Democrat, House 13th District
Chris Edwards, Democrat, House 14th District
Andy Olson, Republican, House 15th District
Dick Olsen, Democrat, House 15th District
Sara A. Gelser, Democrat, House 16th District
Rockne Roll, Republican, House 16th District
Dan Thackaberry, Democrat, House 17th District
Bruce Cuff, Republican, House 17th District
Cliff Wooten, Republican, House 17th District
Robert Upmeyer, Republican, House 17th District
Marc Lucca, Republican, House 17th District
Sherrie Sprenger, Republican, House 17th District
Vic Gilliam, Republican, House 18th District
Jim Gilbert, Democrat, House 18th District
Kevin Cameron, Republican, House 19th District
Hanten (HD) Day, Democrat, House 19th District
Vicki Berger, Republican, House 20th District
Richard Riggs, Democrat, House 20th District
Brian Clem, Democrat, House 21st District
Betty Komp, Democrat, House 22nd District
Tom M. Chereck Jr., Republican, House 22nd District
Jim Thompson, Republican, House 23rd District
Jason Brown, Democrat, House 23rd District
Craig Pope, Republican, House 23rd District
Wesley West, Democrat, House 23rd District
Jim Weidner, Republican, House 24th District
Jim Bunn, Republican, House 24th District
Edward (Ed) Glad, Republican, House 24th District
Bernt (Al) Hansen, Democrat, House 24th District
Kim Thatcher, Republican, House 25th District
Matt Wingard, Republican, House 26th District
Jessica Adamson, Democrat, House 26th District
Tobias Read, Democrat, House 27th District
Russell McAlmond, Republican, House 27th District
Jeff Barker, Democrat, House 28th District
Greg Steiert, Republican, House 28th District
Chuck Riley, Democrat, House 29th District
Jeff Duyck, Republican, House 29th District
David Edwards, Democrat, House 30th District
Andy Meyer, Republican, House 30th District
Brad Witt, Democrat, House 31st District
Deborah Boone, Democrat, House 32nd District
Mitch Greenlick, Democrat, House 33rd District
Suzanne Bonamici, Democrat, House 34th District
Piotr Kuklinski, Republican, House 34th District
Larry Galizio, Democrat, House 35th District
Tony Marino, Republican, House 35th District
Mary Nolan, Democrat, House 36th District
Steve Oppenheim, Republican, House 36th District
SCOTT BRUUN, Republican, House 37th District
Michele Eberle, Democrat, House 37th District
Linda Brown, Democrat, House 38th District
Steve Griffith, Republican, House 38th District
Chris Garrett, Democrat, House 38th District
Toby Forsberg, Democrat, House 39th District
Bill Kennemer, Republican, House 39th District
Dave Hunt, Democrat, House 40th District
Carolyn Tomei, Democrat, House 41st District
Randy Uchytil, Republican, House 41st District
Jules Kopel-Bailey, Democrat, House 42nd District
Gordon Hillesland, Democrat, House 42nd District
Regan Felice Gray, Democrat, House 42nd District
Teddy Keizer, Democrat, House 42nd District
Chip Shields, Democrat, House 43rd District
Tina Kotek, Democrat, House 44th District
Michael E. Dembrow, Democrat, House 45th District
Cyreena Boston, Democrat, House 45th District
Jon Coney, Democrat, House 45th District
Ben Cannon, Democrat, House 46th District
Jefferson Smith, Democrat, House 47th District
Mike Schaufler, Democrat, House 48th District
Nick Kahl, Democrat, House 49th District
John Nelsen, Republican, House 49th District
Barbara Kyle, Democrat, House 49th District
John Lim, Republican, House 50th District
Greg Matthews, Democrat, House 50th District
Linda Flores, Republican, House 51st District
Brent Barton, Democrat, House 51st District
Suzanne VanOrman, Democrat, House 52nd District
Matt Lindland, Republican, House 52nd District
Steve Richkind, Democrat, House 52nd District
Phyllis Thiemann, Republican, House 52nd District
Gene Whisnant, Republican, House 53rd District
Conrad Ruel, Democrat, House 53rd District
Chuck Burley, Republican, House 54th District
Judy Stiegler, Democrat, House 54th District
George Gilman, Republican, House 55th District
Bill Garrard, Republican, House 56th District
Greg Smith, Republican, House 57th District
Bob Jenson, Republican, House 58th District
Ben Talley, Democrat, House 58th District
Barbara Ann Wright, Democrat, House 58th District
John E. Huffman, Republican, House 59th District
Mike Ahern, Democrat, House 59th District
Tim K. Smith, Republican, House 60th District
Cliff Bentz, Republican, House 60th District