Damascus councilor discounts election results

First Damascus City Councilor seeks to dismiss election
By Dan Phegley,

Ask Damascus announces the following email comment was received from Damascus City Council member David Jothen today (3/13/08).

“I am trying to work with ALL of our citizens. I appreciate those who came out, voted and spoke their mind. However, with less than 30% voter turnout (6712 registered voters in Damascus), I am not sure these measures spoke for Damascus as a whole pass or fail.”

This is the first attempt, I am aware of, to disregard the vote of the people. It probably will not be the last.

Taking just one measure (3-282) a total of 2,761 people voted on this measure counting both yes and no votes. Using Mr Jothen’s total of 6,712 registered voters this works out to a turnout of just over 41%. I can now see why the city has financial difficulty if they are using Mr. Jothen’s math.

I am quite concerned about the idea of first trying to diminish the value (turn out) and then use that false number to totally dismiss the citizens voice.

This announcement coming from a councilor on the Damascus city council which has not yet sent one thing to the voters for their decision.

This kind of treatment is exactly why the measures were put on the ballot to begin with. The citizens are continually denied a voice in city decisions.

Dan Phegley (Chief Petitioner for Damascus Initiatives)