Bonamici dismisses contributions of small businesses

Cornilles for Congress


BEAVERTON, OR – This week, Senator Suzanne Bonamici said of Rob Cornilles, “Talk is cheap. I have a record of getting things done.” (Oregonian, 11/9/11).

It’s not surprising that Senator Bonamici believes the only “record” worth having is one that includes holding elected office. But, it’s offensive to small business owners around Oregon for her to dismiss as “cheap” the value of creating jobs and meeting a payroll.

“This is the typical attitude we have come to expect from career politicians,” said Bryce Peterson, owner of Washington Street Investments, LLC in Tigard. “With politicians who don’t place a value on private sector job creation, it’s no wonder our economy is in sorry shape. Small business owners have a tremendous ‘record’ of creating jobs, solving problems, and managing a budget. Senator Bonamici should apologize for dismissing our experience.”

Cornilles’ own small business has been operating for 16 years, and has employed 60 Oregonians over that period. He’s helped launch the careers of 500 people in the industry he serves. Only career politicians wouldn’t consider that enough preparation for someone in Congress.

“I find this statement personally offensive, particularly coming from a public servant,” said Robert Youngman, president of Royal Chinook Development Co. in Newberg. “The risks I’ve taken to start a business and create jobs, in fact, creates a tax base that pays Senator Bonamici’s salary! If anything, we have ample reason to dismiss her record, not the other way around.”

The Jobs For Oregon Team is composed of small business owners from the First Congressional District who are tired of a broken political system that puts partisanship over solving problems. They enthusiastically support Rob Cornilles to be the next U.S. Representative from Oregon’s First Congressional District.