Nominations Open:12th Annual Taxpayer Awards — Please submit

For 12 years, the Taxpayer Association of Oregon has conducted awards for the best and worst of Oregon politics. The nominations are open to the public. All nominees must be Oregon examples.

Categories (details below)
1. Wiener Politician Award
2. Pork Barrel Project
3. Bureaucratic Bungler
4. Golden Schnoz Award
5. Government Innovation Award

Wiener Politician Award:
–The most obnoxious, cowardly, or reckless Oregon elected official.

Pork Barrel Project :
–The worst example of Oregon government waste.

Bureaucratic Bungler :
–The worst example of government regulation, bureaucracy, or mistake

Golden Schnoz Award :
Best example of government sticking its nose in other people’s business.
(i.e. invasion of privacy, over-regulation, etc.)

Government Innovation Award :
Best example of government cost-savings or successful government program

Please submit your nomination(s)  in the blog comments below or email to media[at]

  • Bob Clark

    Weiner Award nomination: 

     Portland Mayor Sam Adams.  A one man wrecking crew.  Let’s the Occupods destroy two parks without permit, allowing juveniles to effectively run stump town.  Two other most noteworthy cultural dissolution achievements that would’ve made Mao happy: (1) Banning plastic bags, helping to resurrect the dreary old soviet union practice of wearing coats with deep pockets while shopping so as to carry away one’s groceries.  Somehow Adams’ constituents are not worthy of a simple plastic bag (cuddle the juveniles and treat the grown ups like Juveniles, which is sadly the winning political formula in stump town).  (2) Then there’s eliminating weekly garbage can pick up so as to force his constitutents to labor additional minutes each day toiling to separate out their food scraps from regular garbage.  Meanwhile, instead of just one trash truck meandering through stump town neighborhoods once per week, you now have two to three (somehow I suspect this recycling effort may not be as environmentally positive as Sam’s bureaucrats want us to believe.  But hey, it’s not about actual environmental improvements but more about what makes us all feel good.)  Yes, Ma_o_ Adams is my choice for the Weiner award. 

    Pork Barrel nomination:

    The Portland (milwaukee) light rail project whose expenditure actually proceeds its actual financing as the rulers are getting a sense the natives are beginning to sharpen their knives against such public spending excesses, and are rushing to get off one last public spending splurge.  The only productive part of this boondoggle is the new bridge being built over the Willamette.  But even on this score, productive elements are removed by limiting the bridge to only to the government employee biking and pedestrian crowd, and of course, 18th century fixed line rail transportation.  Never mind the advancement of automobile techonology, and the great degree of freedom of mobility it brings.  In Portland, is it LEED standard or Pb (lead) standard? 

    The others I don’t have anything approaching other folks’ nomination suggestions.

  • Scott

    Pork Barrel Project & Pork Barrel Project:  The Hospital Project in Columbia County by the now defunct Columbia Health District.

    Government Innovation Award :Voters of Columbia County for voting to eliminate the Columbia Health District.

  • Robert Collins

    Pork Barrel.  Milwaukie Light Rail.  A no-brainer.

  • Deb

    My nomination goes for the Golden Schnoz award to John Kitzhaber for Senate Bill 909 and his companion document (on his website) titled “Early Childhood and Family Investment Transition Report”.  His agenda is “prevention of child abuse, healthy families, etc.” which I call the ‘Nannies for Neighborhoods’ program.  His goal is for government to ‘keep families healthy’ through assessments, surveys, etc. compliments of Oregon taxpayers and the feds.

  • Marvelous18

    Bureaucratic Bungler. The PERS Board of Directors, for using out side legal council and wasting government funds to keep the names and amounts of government sponsored pensions private. The Oregon State Attorney General told PERS to disclose this information and the PERS Board choice to waste taxpayers money to fight the disclosure.  The recipients of PERS pensions have taken taxpayer money in salaries and now need to disclose what taxpayer funds they are taking in the form of their pensions.

  • So Tired of New Taxes

    Wiener Politician Award – Definitely Dave Hunt
    Pork Barrel Project – CRC Project
    Bureaucratic Bungler – TIE – Measure 66 and 67
    Golden Schnoz Award – City of Salem – proposed ordinance to ban smoking in city parks
    Government Innovation Award – Annual Legislative Sessions

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