Cornilles: Washington DC needs results, not partisan bickering

Cornilles for Congress

BEAVERTON, OR — Today, Rob Cornilles released a statement on the failure of the Super Committee to reach an agreement on deficit reduction. Rob is running to fill the vacant seat in Oregon’s First Congressional District.

We hear a lot about cuts and we hear a lot about tax increases. One thing we don’t hear about is a Congress that knows how to get things done—like growing the economy and creating jobs.

It’s shameful that Congress is heading home for Thanksgiving without a deficit reduction plan. The failure of the so-called Super Committee to reach an agreement marks the third time in a year that partisanship has thrown up a roadblock to any meaningful progress on deficit reduction.

While nothing gets done in Washington, Oregonians struggle to find work and even put food on the table. I intend to go to Congress and change the culture by striving for solutions and delivering results instead of partisan bickering and inaction. Compromise in Washington, DC is doable. Ronald Reagan and Tip O’Neill worked together; Bill Clinton joined with a Republican Congress to pass a deficit reduction package that led to several years of strong economic growth and balanced budgets.

Washington, DC is failing because of a lack of political courage, not a lack of ideas. Voters in this special election in Oregon’s First Congressional District can send someone who has voted 98 percent of the time with her party, but isn’t that the problem in Washington today? Or, they can send a small business owner who knows how to work with a diverse group of people to solve problems and provide value.

It’s time Oregon sent a proven job creator to enact policies that will help Northwest Oregon.