Campaign Funds used for day-to-day expenses

Facing large time commitments and small salaries, some Oregon legislators turn to campaign contributions to fill the gap between their job demands and their pay.

During last year’s six-month legislative session, for example, the state paid lawmakers $26,000 each in salary and expense money. At the same time, Rep. Mike Schaufler, D-Happy Valley, spent an additional $12,000 from his campaign account.

The spending had more to do with the Clackamas County Democrat’s living expenses as a legislator than campaigning. Most of the campaign dollars paid for gasoline for his truck, renting part of his house as an office, staying 36 nights in a Salem hotel, plus meals, beer and coffee.
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    This is legal?

  • Jerry

    Whether legal or not it seems wrong – campaign contributions are for campaigns – not padded phony expenses. If it is not illegal it should be.
    This guy is not doing a good job – period.
    We deserve better.
    Very typical Oregon politico, though, do as I say, not as I do.
    I am ashamed of him and his underhanded financial dealings.
    If he is short on money, which he must be, then he should get a cup and go down to the corner and ask for gas money. At least that would be honest.
    Wonder why he is so short of money he has to steal from campaign funds to pay for gas?
    This guy is really out there!
    He should be ashamed and he should return the money.
    Who gave him the money?
    Are they happy with his choices?
    Maybe he should use the campaign money for a new car or some new clothes, too.
    Why not????
    No different than what he is doing now.
    What a sad, sad situation.

  • Kev

    Sadly, all the campaigns do this.

    Perhaps the biggest and best poster-child is the former Speaker herself. Her PAC has spent thousands on expensive dinners, flowers, spa gift certificates… Kinda makes you wonder if she really needed to blow a cool million to get herself reelected.

    She even gave the House R caucus $10k at the beginning of the year and now the caucus is paying her for consulting services. C’mon…

    It’s really sad b/c the Rs will need every penny just to keep their heads above water this year. The donors should really be holding these guys accountable.

    Candidates should not be able to use their PAC money to live the high life. It’s really pathetic that the politicos are so willing to practically defraud their donors.

    • Anonymous

      The party spends a million dollars getting her reelected and then she quits. Way to go Wayne and Vance.

  • Anonymous

    This guy can’t make ends meet without dipping into his campaign funds and the folks in Happy Valley trust him to run the state’s business?

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