Rob Cornilles is uniquely qualified to spur job creation

Cornilles for Congress

Cornilles displays independent thinking while rival represents more of the same

BEAVERTON, OR – In Sunday night’s first general election debate, Rob Cornilles, candidate for U.S. Congress, showed why he is an independent thinker, not beholden to a party or political leader, and the best choice to jumpstart job creation in Oregon’s First District.

Cornilles laid out his priorities, starting with a plan to grow the economy and create jobs in Oregon, and explained why he is uniquely qualified to deliver results.

“In 1995, we started a business out of a spare bedroom in our Tualatin home. So I know a little something about job creation. We employed 60 people in that time and also helped 500 people launch careers around the country, especially young people,” Cornilles said.

His plan includes a simpler, fairer tax code that reduces rates for everyone while eliminating special perks for the well connected.  “There’s no reason why mega-corporations such as GE should make $14 billion in profits last year and have zero federal income tax obligation. That’s because we have a system that’s full of loopholes, it’s full of deductions that only the mega-rich, whether you are talking about individuals or corporations, can take advantage of…This is hurting job creation here in Oregon, especially among small businesses….”

“We can raise revenues by putting more people back to work. It’s a very simple equation, but obviously in Washington, they don’t get this because there’s not enough people in Washington who have actually created jobs,” Cornilles said. “That’s why I feel I am a unique candidate in this election.”

During the debate, Sen. Suzanne Bonamici was asked by a panelist to assign herself a letter grade for her role as a legislator. She gave herself an “A.”

Cornilles Campaign Manager Mary Anne Ostrom responded, “Voters are tired of the same old partisan politics, but Senator Bonamici’s clear track record promises more of the same.  Any politician who votes with her party 98% of the time would surely give herself an ‘A’ grade, and Senator Bonamici didn’t disappoint.  For extra credit, she couldn’t even name one issue where she disagreed with her party when pressed by a panelist.”

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  • Bob Clark

    I sure favor an income tax system more broad based than presently so as to have most people contribute something towards the nation’s defense and public infrastructure spending.  Currently, almost half of all income earners pay no net federal income taxes, and this relatively low percentage is not healthy for the nation.  It only causes those not paying net federal income taxes to be less interested and less vitualent about how federal public monies are spent.  So, Cornilles is got the right stance here.  The downside is currently the public sentiment favors hiking tax rates on higher income folks, or even more progressivity than currently.  So, this is why Cornilles is pushed to layer on some populism like eliminating loopholes.  For fiscal conservatives, you’ve got to take what the “defense” (the voting center) will give you.

    Rob’s got an uphill fight as CD#1 is decidely blue, and a lot of these folks pull the D lever without even thinking.  How else could you have voted overwhelmingly Wu in the last two decades?  It’ll be a real coup if Cornilles wins. 

    What’s kind of strange, too, is whoever wins this special January 2012 election faces re-election in November 2012.

    • Sol668

      So in the most inequitable america in history, after 30 years of trickle down producing such “prosperity” for average americans

      your solution is to raise taxes on the poor…please by all means get your message out! Let it be known that the poor and middle class have it too good!!!

      in a nation thats never seen such inequity in its history

  • valley person

    His plan would have to pass the House and the Senate and be signed by the president. Does he have a plan B? 

    • Honest Problem Solver

      Wow, I agree with you for once Valley, after all the anointed one has to sign it.
      Let me add that they both sounded the same too me on almost every issue.
      I have no reason, even as a longtime republican, to help him with his campaign.
      We could have at least over 100,000 jobs open up here in Oregon, all in 2012.
      Over 8-9 million open up nationwide in 2012! (proof is in AL, SC, GA, AZ)
      But neither will co-sponsor/vote for the legal – US Supremes approved, option that would help big time…mandatory E-Verify across the U.S.
      Congressman Lamar Smith (R)TX now has over 65 co-sponsors on this Bill.
      Wasn’t even mentioned in this or any debate(s) at all.
      Valley, Please do not insult our intelligence with the worn out bs line – but americans won’t do these jobs.
      We will, we are; or every person in that jobs is an illegal, and always have in the past.

      • valley person

        It doesn’t mater what the “plan” of any wanna be freshman member of the House has or doesn’t have. He or she will be one vote out of 435, will have zero seniority, and less influence over outcomes. If Cornilles wins he will be a junior member of a team that has an agenda he will have to 90% support. And the same is true for Bonamici. Its shear hubris for either of them to claim their particular plan is worth anything.

        As for E-verify, I’m all for it if it applies to every applicant, not just those with darker skin and accents.  But be aware that some innocents will get caught up in that web due to data errors.

        • Ardbeg

          VP-your point is probably lost on most.  The simpletons of the world will say Rob C won the debate, after all he was the better public speaker and most simple minded people will vote for the better public speaker.  “He/She sounds so much better so I guess I’ll vote for them”.   Can’t fix stupid!  That’s how our current president and Oregon’s last two governor’s got elected-they were the better public speakers.  Not saying I did or didn’t vote for them, just that is how most people vote.  Or they vote R/D no matter what.  Or, they will vote for who is leading in the polls, most people want to vote for “a winner”.  What a great system we have.  Only  half the registered voters vote, so to win all I need is 20-25% (some will vote third party) to vote for me.  Maybe I should run for the Senate and I can be a millionaire too.  Your assessment is spot on, neither will have a voice.  Might as well vote for my dog.  Cornilles will vote EXACTLY as he is told! (by the GOP leadership) or NO SOUP (support) FOR YOU (next election).  Got to love them non-thinkers.  Bonamici stands a better chance to vote against the dems, as hers is a blue district and she can probably buck the establishment and still get re-elected.

          • valley person

            I think about 80% of voters vote very close to party line, leaving a smaller number to decide the fate of any given election. By pretending to be “independent,” politicians can hope to win over enough of this group to make a difference. But in fact, once in office they are not going to be very independent of party unless they have already established a track record along those lines.

            I think you have the Senate thing backwards. Most of them are millionaires before they are Senators. Some pols, like Gingrich, managed to turn politics into a lucrative “consulting” career afterwards. 

  • Rupert in Springfield

    It would be good to have someone with actual job experience like this in Congress. Unless there is a huge turnaround I would expect major gains by Republicans in both the House and Senate. Given this, even if BO is reelected there will be a more pro growth sentiment in congress. That’s a good thing and maybe we can start to get out of this mess instead of digging the hole deeper as we have done the past three years.

    I’m actually kind of hopeful. Obama will either have to change or be reduced to even  further irrelevancy and a more pro growth congress can help achieve this.

  • Anonymous

    Cornilles clearly won the KATU debate. Bonamici was tentative and kept looking down at her podium (maybe at her notes) while Cornilles addressed the camera. While Cornilles was animated in his remarks, Bonamici spoke generally in a monotone and seemed unsure of her own postions.

    The First District needs to send Cornilles to Congress. We really don’t need Bonamici’s wimpiness.

  • Tom Joad

    “Cornilles is uniquely qualified to spur job creation,” says Cornilles campaign.

    Oregon Catalyst, once upon a time, was a viable alternative for news not being reported.

    I miss those days.

  • sol668

    Ooh the GOP never lacking in a total lack of inconsistency….

    after 30 years of cutting taxes for the rich SWEARING it will trickle down on the rest of us…today your nominee for the first district is sounding the populist alarm that its just not fair that companies like GE pay no taxes…really? rob? really? you GOPers who have never seen a tax cut for the rich you didn’t like

    Using your own logic, from the past 30 years…every loop hole you close, will increase revenue, and KILL JOBS…so get to work you “man of the people” Rob, raise those taxes on the “job creators” kill those jobs!

    Here’s a better idea, try selling your Trickle down schtick, in the first .. its not less lop holes for the rich..its MORE that we need right now!….ooh right you’ll lose handily, but at least you’ll not look like a completely opportunitist unprincipled politician

  • Ladywriter

    I feel this man does not care about me. The little guy. I am an unemployed college grad (journalism major) and my unemployment insurance is going to run out pretty soon. Then what am I supposed to do?
    If people like me are going to have our taxes raised then I am leaving for Canada.

    • Anonymous

      It not the job of government to take care of you. You got to take care of your own affairs.

      • valley person

        “Ladywriter” is pulling your leg.

        Nevertheless, it is the job of government to look out for its citizens, and its the job of citizens to let the government know what aspects of our lives we prefer to be left to our own devices. Last I looked, few people were complaining about their SS checks, VA care, Medicare, fire departments, etc.  So apparently most people do want government looking out for them at least to an extent.

  • HBguy

    Can you post more press releases please? 

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