Rob Cornilles is uniquely qualified to spur job creation

Cornilles for Congress

Cornilles displays independent thinking while rival represents more of the same

BEAVERTON, OR – In Sunday night’s first general election debate, Rob Cornilles, candidate for U.S. Congress, showed why he is an independent thinker, not beholden to a party or political leader, and the best choice to jumpstart job creation in Oregon’s First District.

Cornilles laid out his priorities, starting with a plan to grow the economy and create jobs in Oregon, and explained why he is uniquely qualified to deliver results.

“In 1995, we started a business out of a spare bedroom in our Tualatin home. So I know a little something about job creation. We employed 60 people in that time and also helped 500 people launch careers around the country, especially young people,” Cornilles said.

His plan includes a simpler, fairer tax code that reduces rates for everyone while eliminating special perks for the well connected.  “There’s no reason why mega-corporations such as GE should make $14 billion in profits last year and have zero federal income tax obligation. That’s because we have a system that’s full of loopholes, it’s full of deductions that only the mega-rich, whether you are talking about individuals or corporations, can take advantage of…This is hurting job creation here in Oregon, especially among small businesses….”

“We can raise revenues by putting more people back to work. It’s a very simple equation, but obviously in Washington, they don’t get this because there’s not enough people in Washington who have actually created jobs,” Cornilles said. “That’s why I feel I am a unique candidate in this election.”

During the debate, Sen. Suzanne Bonamici was asked by a panelist to assign herself a letter grade for her role as a legislator. She gave herself an “A.”

Cornilles Campaign Manager Mary Anne Ostrom responded, “Voters are tired of the same old partisan politics, but Senator Bonamici’s clear track record promises more of the same.  Any politician who votes with her party 98% of the time would surely give herself an ‘A’ grade, and Senator Bonamici didn’t disappoint.  For extra credit, she couldn’t even name one issue where she disagreed with her party when pressed by a panelist.”