Press Release: School Lawsuit = Cheating Democracy

What school lobby can’t get from a public vote or elected lawmakers they try to get it free from judges.

TIGARD – The Taxpayer Association of Oregon is opposing the lawsuit filed in Multnomah County Court by six school districts demanding more tax dollars because they say it does not meet constitutional expectations. “This is a form of cheating democracy. The government lobby has failed miserably to convince the public for more taxes (Measure 28 & 30) and our elected lawmakers did not vote for a tax increase for education last Session. Now we have the government lobby deciding to skirt voters, the Legislature, and traditional democratic avenues in favor of courting a few judges to give them the money for which they can’t get legitimately.”
According to Census Bureau numbers Oregon has consistently been ranked in the top ten spending states, per capita, in the nation. We have 40 other states that can educate their kids with fewer dollars (and often better performance). To say that Oregon is woefully under funded at a crisis level fails to stand up under cross examination.

Williams further stated “Absent from the debate is how our schools are wasting the tax dollars that never make it to the classrooms. Under that standard maybe the government lobby should be suing themselves for failing the quality of education for our kids.”

Answer: State Spending Limit & Rainy Day Fund

The Taxpayer Association has the answer for our government spending problems — a statewide spending limit/rainy day fund initiative. Currently the Taxpayer Association is circulating a state spending limit that would cap state spending to growth in population and inflation. The surplus funds could then be used to build a rainy day fund to help save for recession budget shortfalls. The concept of a rainy day fund was recently promoted this month by the Chalkboard Project as a solution for our schools. A state spending limit is being considered in a dozen states.

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Jason Williams, Director, 503-603-9009
Don McIntire, President, 503-666-4451