UPDATE: DCCC also harassing workers at Cornilles company

by NW Spotlight

Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee in Washington D.C also caught trying to dig up dirt on Cornilles

UPDATE: In addition to Senator Suzanne Bonamici’s campaign consultant calling employees of Rob Cornilles, we’ve also learned that operatives from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) in Washington, D.C. have been calling them anonymously as well.  At least twice last week, a call from 202-485-3535 came to one Game Face employee.

The person on the other end of the line was asking questions about the company without identifying herself.  The phone number is registered to the DCCC and when the number was called a woman named Amanda answered the phone.  A representative of the Cornilles campaign said that a Game Face employee had received a call from the phone number asking about the company.  Amanda promptly hung up.

Original story: Bonamici’s campaign caught digging up dirt on Cornilles

Senator Suzanne Bonamici likes to say she’s not an “offensive or divisive” campaigner. I think we can now end that charade. Most reasonable people would call it “offensive and divisive” when your chief campaign consultant is anonymously calling Rob Cornilles’ employees at Game Face Inc, and trying to dig up dirt by interviewing unsuspecting employees.

Yesterday, a Game Face employee was called by someone who didn’t identify himself, but was asking specific questions about the business. A little puzzled by the call, the employee looked at the Caller ID information, which showed 503-221-4921. That’s the number for M+R Strategic Services in Portland. M+R Strategic Services does not show up in any disclosure documents for firms involved in the First Congressional District race.

But, interestingly, M+R Strategic Services shares an office suite at 1220 SW Morrison Street, Suite 910 in Portland with a firm called Winning Mark. Winning Mark is listed as the General Consultant on the Federal Election Commission expenditure report by Bonamici for Congress.

Yesterday, we learned that the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is spending nearly half a million dollars in negative ads to discredit Rob Cornilles. Senator Bonamici, knowing that her attack dogs are out there beating up on Cornilles, released a positive spot trying to show her as above the fray. But, there is no difference between the tactics of negative campaigner Bonamici and the DCCC ads running here. The actions of her campaign are deplorable. Calling anonymously and talking to unsuspecting employees to try to get dirt on an opponent? Does anybody think that Senator Bonamici is going to bring a new tone to Washington, D.C. if she’s authorizing these tactics?

In a district that the Democrats have controlled for nearly 40 years and where they have a 12-point registration advantage, both the DCCC and negative campaigner Bonamici are running nearly $500,000 in negative ads and calling Cornilles’ employees to dig up dirt. Does anybody find this a little bit overkill? If the Democrats think they’re going to win this race, their actions certainly reveal otherwise.