Lars Larson: It’s the season for private charity

by Lars Larson

It’s the giving season, so I’m encouraging you to give.

Twenty years ago I went to Russia with Northwest Medical Teams to cover the story of a donation to a city in Russia. I saw lot of tarpaper shacks and I asked our Russian translator, Kharin, what happens to the down and out here. He said “I’ve been to your country, so I know what you’re talking about, but we have no private charity here. It’s all done by the government or it doesn’t get done at all.”

I would hate to see that happen in America. So, I’m raising money for The Salvation Army. Unlike many charities, the Army spends a tiny amount on overhead and puts your dollars to work where they’ll do the most good. They’re a faith-based organization, but they offer help to anyone of any creed.

It’s been a tough year for families in this economy, but that’s made it tough to raise funds for charity as well. So I’m encouraging you to open up your pockets. Tina and I will do the same, and give to the best charity around, my favorite charity, The Salvation Army.

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