Lars Larson: One more reason not to like electric cars

by Lars Larson

I’ve got to be honest with you, I don’t like the current crop of electric cars, and I’ve a got another reason now not to like them.

I know those little electric cars, and the hybrid cars, are all the rage – and they’re creating a lot of havoc. I’ll give you a great example: federal officials are now trying to check out the safety of electric car batteries after a Chevy Volt’s lithium-ion battery caught fire.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says that several weeks after the car had been crashed tested at a facility, the fire took place. The agency said that officials have concluded the crash damaged the Volt’s battery and the damage later caused the battery to catch fire.

They’re working with auto manufacturers to try and avoid more problems down the road. He said no other fires have been reported among the 5,000 Volts now on the road.

Gee, that’s comforting. Having all that power stored under the hood, you have a little accident, and a few weeks later… Well, I think I’ll stick to my gasoline powered car.

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