Seattle trying to out-weird Portland; singing plastic bags!

by NW Spotlight

The success of Portlandia appears to have rattled the once-dominant major Northwest city

In a ridiculous display prior to a Seattle City Council vote to ban plastic bags, environmental lobbyists dressed in plastic bag costumes and serenaded the council on the supposed dangers of 100% recyclable plastic bags. The song and dance routine was apparently convincing, as the council proceeded to pass the law.

Seattle’s bag banning lunacy got covered in the Seattle Times and New York Times.

Eco-organic elite: In essence, the “singing plastic bags” convinced the city council that this new Seattle law should allow plastic bags for shoppers at local farmers’ markets, while taxing consumers at grocery stores. The liberal Seattle city council has sent a message loud and clear: plastic bags are okay if you’re buying $10 organic asparagus at the local farmers’ market, but if you’re an average mom who stops at Safeway after a busy day to pick up dinner for your family, you’re going to be punished and charged 5 cents for a paper bag.

Job-killing, misguided “greens”: Despite all the problems America faces and the peer reviewed scientific evidence that shows plastic bag alternatives are bad (if not worse) for the environment, these supposedly green advocates continue to press legislators to ban plastic bags – misguided policy that directly threatens tens of thousands of American manufacturing jobs.  Stan Bikulege, CEO of Hilex Poly, recently discussed this in a RedState guest post and Fox News appearance.

If you want to keep this lunacy out of your city, you can visit this website and sign the petition to say NO to bans and taxes on your grocery bags.