Polk Co. GOP makes rare primary endorsements — Mannix, Thompson

Polk County Repubicans Endorse Candidates
In Congressional District 5, House District 23 And Polk County District Attorney Races

By Polk County Republican Party

MONMOUTH The Polk County Republican Central Committee publically endorsed candidates in three different primary races at their meeting on April 22nd. The Polk County Republicans, by a unanimous vote, endorsed Kevin Mannix for the 5th Congressional District, Jim Thompson for State Representative House District 23 and Stan Butterfield for Polk County District Attorney.

“Normally we do not endorse any candidates in primary races,” said Helga Thompson, the Polk County Republican chair. “However, given the significance of the 2008 election for our nation, our state and our county, we as an organization felt that it was important to announce our support for candidates in these contested primaries that best represents our ideals.”

The Polk County Republicans are a local chapter of the Oregon Republican Party. The Polk County Republican¹s goal is two fold: register citizens to vote and educate the voters of Polk County about Republican candidates running for a public office that represents Polk County. The group meets on the third Tuesday of every month at the Monmouth Public Library. The next meeting is May 13th at 7:00pm at the Monmouth Public Library. Everyone is welcome to attend.

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  • Anonymous

    That is to bad they chose to do this.

    • Craig Pope

      Does anyone want to help me expose this insider nonsense?

      I am in a quandary here about the appearance of misuse of office or authority by the Polk County Republican Central Committee to endorse candidates in a primary. I am a candidate for office under the Republican party that has never been asked a question or been officially invited to an interview process by this “Committee”.
      From the outside most Republican voters would take the endorsement at its’ face value and believe it has merit because it is the “Central Committee”. However, if voters were able to know all of the facts, they might consider this endorsement differently.
      For example, would the voters be interested to know that the Chair of the committee is the wife of the House candidate they endorsed? Would the voters be interested to know that the same committee chair is involved with committing contribution dollars and advertising expenses for the benefit of that candidate from the committee coffers without the same opportunity being offered this Republican candidate? Would it interest the voters that this Chairwoman was quoted in the Polk County Itemizer-Observer as saying that the Committee does not normally endorse candidates in a contested primary? What changed?
      This is one of the reasons so many voters are sick of the current system. Candidates that abuse lobby dollars to get the office and inside caucus games that put the insiders ahead of honest community minded candidates that want to help make a difference. As a gentleman asked me recently, am I a politician or a statesman? I replied that I would like to think of myself as a statesman, but I asked what he felt was the difference. His response was simple. A politician will work to benefit the next election, and a statesman will work to benefit the people.

      Craig Pope
      Republican Candidate for House District 23

  • Just a question

    Is Helga Thompson related to Jim Thompson?

  • Alan

    The press release does not spell out why the particular endorsement..

  • devietro

    I can understand them doing it for the local stuff but doing it for CD5 seems irresponsible to me. The ORP has been very careful to stay hands off in that race because of the internal dynamics. I would expect county parties follow that lead.

  • JustSayNoToCoolAid

    The ORP has NOT been hands off in the CD5. The day Hooley announced her retirement Vance Day issued a press release that said “Mike Ericksson is our guy”–effectively endorsing the guy. Besides driving the ORP off a financial cliff, Vance Day is such a bumbling idiot that he couldn’t even realize that either Mannix or Boquist would almost certainly jump in the race and mop the floor with Mike Ericksson.

    Perhaps the blogger might want to mention that the Polk GOP chair Helga Thompson is Jim Thompson’s wife?! Maybe, just maybe that has something to do with this very unusual endorsement? Can you say nepotism?

  • devietro

    I know I am going to take flak for this but I dont care

    1. ORP is in a hell of a mess, some it fault of Vance some not.
    2. The ORP issued the Erickson endorsement under the impression that there was no other GOP candidate. I believe this is called a form 10 endorsement, and its not that unusual.
    3. Once Mannix entered the race Vance had a discussion and a letter with both candidates essentially saying keep it clean.
    4. Mannix hurt Oregon in two ways, first he should have run for the AG race now we are stuck with no GOP contender. Secondly he caused an unnecessary primary which I find disgusting in this tough year.
    5. With all of that said I support Mannix for CD5 because I think he has a better chance of winning BUT I dont support his methods of entering the race knowing that Erickson has essentially been running for that seat for 4yrs.
    6. The ORP need to get back on its feet and shape up quick to avoid this stuff in the future.

  • Polk Co. citizen

    With Helga being the chairperson of the of the Polk County GOP, this is a clear conflict of interest for the executive committee to be endorsing her husband for office. It is a blatant and even more egregious action to provide finances for her husband’s run for office using Polk Co. GOP funds.

    Next fall when we elect the new officers for the Polk Co. GOP, I will definitely vote against anyone who is a present member of the Polk Co. executive committee. This action is unethical and speaks poorly of their judgment.

    It shows poor character on the part of Jim and Helga Thompson. I am now voting for Craig Pope for Representative.

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