Hippie perfume bandit strikes Ashland

A music store in Ashland had a sign that read “Dog free zone/Patchouli free zone”. Patchouli is a longtime favorite perfume of choice for the Woodstock crowd for its tradition and its canny ability to cover body odor and marijuana smells. An irate Ashland woman in dreadlocks and big glasses visited the store and began to secretly spill patchouli droplets around the store creating a strong odor. Thanks to a security camera and much public press she was discovered.

Full story from the Oregonian here. Thank you Katy Muldoon for the article.

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  • Anonymous

    If incense could fart, it would smell like Patchouli. I hate that stuff.

  • Chris McMullen

    If incense could fart… LOL! Nice one.

    I hat that crap, too.

    Once again, we see those “tolerant” liberals destroying private property. Those that condone this type of stupid protest are just as guilty.

  • Chris McMullen
    • dean

      Yes Chris…every liberal person in the world should be condemed because someone, we suspect a “liberal,” spread patchouli oil in another “liberal’s” store in a “liberal” town. Brilliant conclusion.

      • Sybella

        Well dean, I just checked out that link. You are correct all liberals aren’t that bad, but what does it tell you when you see the young people who are supposed to be our leaders act like that. I hear it all the time. Absolute intolerance for any other idea other than the one that they are right. You really should go to this link, then look at the teachings that brought this about.

        Go back to liberal beginnings when kids like that picked themselves up in the middle of next week and didn’t pull that stunt again. Not any more. It is abusive to correct them. Now they are the abusers.

        The liberal policies of don’t correct them, don’t make them feel bad. If it feels good, do it. No consideration nor respect for others nor their ideas. This is what we get when the government in all their wisdom takes over.

        • dean

          Syb…I read the post. All I can say is that there are a lot of nutty, rude, sometimes violent people out there, and it has little to do with one’s political orientation. My side has vandals who protest by destroying property and your side has anti-abortionists shooting doctors or blowing up clinics. The only lesson I draw is that sometimes people take their politics and passions too far, not that either side has a monopoly on idiotic or wrong-headed behavior.

          I’m a liberal and I managed to raise a great kid who is respectful, hard working, and responsible. He was corrected when needed, made to feel bad more than once, taught to respect people he disagreed with, and was never harmed or abused. I have lots of friends (conservatives and liberals) with similar kids. I don’t think good parenting has much to do with politics to tell the truth, and I don’t think the government has much to do with good or bad parenting.

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