Lars Larson on Protests

A day of protests about illegals, about oil and about long-haul truckers.

Yesterday was May Day, the old Commie holiday for workers, and sure enough the longshoreman’s union walked out illegally. Turns out they wanted to walk off the job and then labor arbitrators said they weren’t allowed to do it. They did it anyway and they did damage to their country.

Illegal aliens also took to the streets. They’re unhappy because America won’t change its laws to legalize their illegal behavior. As far as I’m concerned, they can go back home and come to my country legally or not at all.

Truckers protested as well. The truckers are very upset about the fact diesel prices are crippling their industry. You know the solution to that? America has plenty of oil. All we need to do is drill for it and tell the Democrats and the environmentalists who’ve denied us that right, “It’s our land. It’s our oil and this country needs it.”

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