Press Release further clears Lindland. Ends on high note.

Lindland Accepts Franklin’s Apology
Issue Joint Press Release

Portland, Oregon. The dispute between two tough competitors ended today. Candidate for Oregon House District 52, top-rated Mixed Martial Arts Fighter Matt Lindland, and political consultant, Elaine Franklin, exchanged verbal handshakes and agreed to keep their respective campaigns focused on the issues of the district. Franklin apologized for an honest mistake and stated that “to a very few lobbyists, I apparently mischaracterized Mr Lindland as having a felony conviction. I made a mistake in my wording and genuinely apologize to Mr. Lindland for my mistake.”

For his part Matt Lindland said that he would take Franklin at her word. “I accept Ms. Franklin’s apology and believe as a result of her explanation, that it was an honest error. I will not proceed with a slander suit against her but caution her that in future she needs to consider her use of words carefully. The people of our district need candidates who focus on the critical issues of our day.”

Franklin said that Lindland was gracious and that knowing only a little about the tough sport for which he had gained such a great reputation, she was impressed that he separated his toughness in the ring from his balance in dealing with her mistake.

Both repeated that their respective campaigns would focus on issues.


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  • Anonymous

    An “honest mistake”, followed by an apology. only ’cause she got caught.
    My Oh My….

  • Poison

    Honest mistake – I love it. Smearing the guy to anyone who would listen, then says: “Oh but I hough it was true!”

    Pray tell, Elaine Franklin, how was it that you came to believe that it was true? Did somene tell you he had a felony? Who was it? Or did you just make it up in your toxic little mind and then believe what you told yourself?

    I am not buying iut for a second. You had no basis whatsoever to believe that Lindland had a felony, yet you spread the rumor recklessly and with malice aforethought.

    I hope your “career” as a politcal consultant is now over. I will personally commit to making sure that I oppose any candidate who hires you, and I will do what I can to make sure that everyone knows that your candidate has hired an admitted slanderer.

    The stench from what you did will stick to you forever. Good riddance.

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