More on Climate Change

Article written by: Suzanne Penegor

Dr. Gordon J. Fulks, a scientist and physicist, spoke to the Rubicon Society of Lane County on May 15th about the global warming hoax that is perpetuated by the media and politicians like Al Gore that are seeking power and money in their attempts to attack industrialization.

In Feb., Fulks published an editorial in the Oregonian noting how Gov. Ted Kulongoski favored political science over actual science when he fired Oregon’s former state climatologist George Taylor because he wouldn’t toe the doomsday line on global warming, despite scientific evidence supporting Taylor and others who discredit the global warming fad.

Beginning his speach with the phrase “The gospel according to Gore,” Fulks explained many factors other than human impacts that have caused climate change over time. He noted how there were warming periods on earth before industrialization and said that natural factors like changing ocean temperatures, sun activity and volcanic activity have impacted climate change throughout history.

Fulks noted this year in Oregon we saw record snowfall, and it appears that we may be heading into a cooling period, much like in the 1970s and went on to say the government has spent $50 billion on the global warming fad. A website called directs reporters how to write alarmist global warming stories that perpetuate the myth of global warming.

Fulks sent a letter to the United Nations that included numbers of prominent scientists who, like Taylor, disagreed with the global warming scare. This led to the editorial he submitted to the Oregonian.

There are other factors which contribute to climate change as well, for example, after World War II, Fulks pointed out, there was in increase in carbon dioxide–due to industrialization–even with increase carbon, temperatures declined for three years.

Fulks said the global warming alarmists cherry pick their data to mislead the public. He noted that Mount Shasta glaciers increased 30 percent last year.

Fulks said the reality is that the climate is always changing, and humans have less of an impact on the climate than Mother Nature has. To think that we can control the climate is foolish, Fulks said.

Fulks noted the 11 and 22 year sun spot cycle that influences earth’s changing climate. He said lower solar activity leads to lower temperatures on earth. Fulks said the oceans contain heat and ocean phenomenons like la nina and el nino influence climate changes.

The “Great Pacific Climate Shifts” of the mid 1940s and mid 1970s resulted in lower temperatures at a time when industrialization was in place. Fulks said that warm global temperatures in history often resulted in easier travel and even in a Renaissance period. Conversely, when the earth saw a “little ice age” Viking settlements perished, and crops in Europe were affected negatively, leading to grain crop failures and a shift for Europeans to eating potatoes.

Fulks said that solar cycles influence earth’s temperatures, and that solar winds play a part.

In response to a question from the audience, Fulks mentioned the contrived global warming issue may be a product of those who oppose industrialization, such as the counterculture folks.

When asked about the recent concern over polar bear populations and how that may be related to supposed global warming, Fulks said the bears are a hearty animal and it’s a good example of how the global warming alarmists prefer to use emotionalism to make their point rather than invoking rational policy.

Fulks went on to say the climate change issue is a “trojan horse” because it’s an attempt to control and regulate public policy. Fulks concluded by emphasizing that proposals for “carbon trading” would really just mean a new tax or taxes, and we should move with caution.

To hear Dr. Fulks’ speech and other Rubicon guest speakers, please visit the Rubicon Society website for more information.