Lars Larson on the air you breathe, but only if the government lets you

A law school professor who says the very air you breathe is controlled by the government.

There’s a law school professor at the University of Oregon who says that you own the air, all of us own the air of the United States. But, that the government holds it in trust for us and it’s the government’s job to control how we use it. It’s just the start of some of her arguments in favor of controlling what human beings do to the air and the gas they release into it to control global warming.

I think it’s a bunch of hooey as far as I’m concerned. But, this woman has introduced an idea that could get the courts in America involved in controlling how we use the air, how much pollution we put into it and how you’re penalized for putting pollution into the air.

She wants to see global warming gases, that Co2, capped off just eighteen months from now and then see a reduction in the greenhouse gases into the atmosphere by 4% every year, for every year after that until it’s 80% below the current rates by 2050.

That would destroy America’s economy. It’s a bad idea and it shouldn’t happen.

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