Lars Larson: Sorry Clint, that’s not halftime in America

by Lars Larson

Why is one of my favorite conservatives from Hollywood apparently fronting for the President of the United States in a multi-billion dollar bailout?

It’s halftime in America“, that’s the name of the commercial that Clint Eastwood was fronting for. It ran during the Super Bowl. I didn’t actually see it live – I had to go back and take a look at it after the fact.

It’s based on the idea the Chrysler and General Motors are both bailed out by the United States government, and it features one of my favorite conservatives, Clint Eastwood.

It almost sounds like he’s fronting for President Obama. Obama’s name is never mentioned but all the political discord is. When the auto companies nearly were lost in Detroit, that we all pulled together? No, a bunch of politicians wrote checks based on OUR taxes, and handed them off to save the bacon of a bunch of worker unions in Detroit.

The U.S. taxpayers lost billions on the deal, and now Chrysler and the unions are making billions after that.

That’s not exactly halftime in America as far as I’m concerned.

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  • Downandout

    It’s halftime alright. It was so filled with lies, as to only be half true at best. Filmed in New Orleans, too.

  • Rupert in Springfield

    Really the only question is which is more nauseating, the incessant coverage of this stupid commercial, or the Whitney without end memorializing.

    Oh my God, I am so outraged that they actually filmed something in one place and claimed it was another. That’s never happened before. Star Wars was actually filmed entirely in space, they actually built the Death Star.

    You know – When Whitney Houston was big she did a movie called The Bodyguard. It had a song in it titled “I Will Always Love You”.

    When that album came out, there was one neighbor who walked over and shot his other neighbor dead for playing that song continuously for several days running.

    No clearer case of justifiable homicide ever existed. That’s what this stupid Clint Eastwood commercial has become. It’s the “I Will Always Love You” of TV. An unending dirge of banality which has gotten far more play than it ever deserved.

  • valley person

    So the fact that a couple of million Americans are still working who probably wouldn’t be otherwise, and that the most important remaining manufacturing center in America lives to fight another day, all for the cost of a few weeks of the Iraq war, bothers the beejesus out of you guys? 

    • Scott

      millions would still be working as someone would have bought these companies BUT now all of Dodge’s money is going to Italy and GM still owes us Billions! Why can Japanese, Korean, Europeon & Ford car co.s have profitbale factories here but not GM & Dodge!?

      • valley person

         Nearly every economist who looked at this said the companies would have been broken up and sold off in pieces, and those jobs would have ended up overseas.

        GM and Dodge DO have profitable factories here. That is what Clints ad was about. We should be celbrating this success instead of complaining about it.

    • Hiya Loser

      You must LOVE unions and BAILOUTS – especially ones that ARE NOT PAID UP don’t you dummy?

      • valley person

         And you must love being an illiterate bozo.

      • crabman34

        Except that if we had let the Big Three go bankrupt like Mitt suggested, it’s likely that GM would have been liquidated, all the suppliers in their huge supply chain would have suffered deeply (some even forced into bankruptcy or liquidated by leveraged buyout firms?), and the American auto-industry would have been reduced to possibly just Ford, which was on record fearing that without a bailout the whole industry would collapse.

        It’s easy to look back now and say that we shouldn’t have bailed out Detroit and complain about the 14 billion we lost.  But few, other than Mitt who is just flipping and flopping around to win some primaries, agreed then with his view.  Even the free market loving Economist apologized later for agreeing with Mitt on this.

        Valley Person is right, what’s $14 billion to a country that loses twice that in its quagmires in a month or so?  At least in this case there are jobs preserved, income taxes received, an economy given some life.  Vets don’t even have jobs to come home to.

        • valley person

           We had a patent in the emergency room and effectively dead,Obama operated and saved the patient, and now Republicans are saying he would have been fine without the operation. Their ideology is so warped they are ready to destroy what is left of manufacturing in the US.

  • Ardbeg

    Clint would kick Chuck Norris butt!

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