Lars Larson: Is America at war with Islam?

It’s time for Americans to figure out exactly who we are at war with.

Obama has repeated the line we heard from George Bush. Are we at war with Islam? The problem is that Americans recognize that an awful lot of acts of terrorism over the past ten years have happened in the name of Islam. Does that mean we are at war with Islam?

We are at war with people who are inspired by a belief in Islamism and in the effort to make us convert to Sharia Law. That’s where I see the United States being pushed by this Islamic terrorism and even by some of the mainstream Islam. The President needs to figure that out.

He’s failed to confront Iran and in our own country he has a decidedly disparate view. On the one hand he says the Islamic mosque should be built near Ground Zero. On the other hand he publicly decries the plan to burn Korans in Florida by the nutball church in Gainesville.

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  • Anonymous

    “On the one hand he says the Islamic mosque should be built near Ground Zero. On the other hand he publicly decries the plan to burn Korans in Florida by the nutball church in Gainesville.”

    If you can’t understand the difference between those two acts … ah, forget it, I’m wasting my time. Like Limbaugh and Beck you make your living feeding the hate and anger addiction of your listeners.

  • valley p

    Arm yourself Lars. The Muslims are coming to convert you. You will have to bow to Mecca 6 times a day and won’t be able to eat pig meat. You will long for the days when liberals ran things. Be very afraid….and make others afraid as well.

  • Pinkie French

    Islam… I have thought a great deal about the religion of Islam of late.

    As a conservative American I am disturbed at how naive American liberals are becoming as they run to welcome all of Islam and what it means into this country.

    Frankly, I do not understand liberals and their desire to embrace a religion of such violence. Yes, I said violence. The violence of Sharia. Why would liberals embrace a religion that has one of its tenants to be that of the murder of gays? Why do liberals hate gays now? Why would liberals embrace a religion that has one of its tenants to be that of women are nothing more then property, and “only a whore needs a clitoris?”

    Sharia is part of Islam. Until Islam goes through reformation and ends and renounces Sharia, I shall have nothing to do with any Muslim or the religion of Islam. If there is such a thing as a moderate Muslim, then let them speak up and end these barbaric practices.

    Liberals think about what you are supporting…Sharia is evil. Here in the USA, a Federal Judge ruled, and agreed with a man that said he could rape his wife, because he practiced Sharia. Yes, later the judge was over turned, however….he ruled a man could be treated differently under our legal system because of a tenant of Islam, Sharia.

    • valley p

      Liberals, at least this liberal, do not “embrace” Islam. What we embrace is the right of all Americans to worship as they see fit, as long as they do not force their religion on us.

      American Muslims are fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan on our behalf. Iraqi and Afghan soldiers, nearly all Muslims, fight alongside American soldiers. Unless you think we can’t trust our own Muslim soldiers or our allies, I suggest you re-think your proposition.

  • Bob Clark

    Bama’s talk of tolerance is more like the talk of a chump. Some extreme group burns down my neighbor’s house killing all my friends inside, then a group sympathetic to this group buys the property next my neighbor’s house and erects a monument to their prevalence. One neighbor says we should be tolerant of the group wanting to erect the monument while another tries to block the monument’s building. I’d say the neighbor talking tolerance is really being a chump, and I am more sympathetic to the neighbor trying to make a stand.

    • Pinkie French

      Bob. If you support Islam, YOU support Sharia. If you think Sharia will never touch you…that is just naive.

      • Pinkie French

        sorry..reply was to VALLEY, Not Bob.

        • valley p

          I don’t “support” Islam. I support people’s right to believe in whatever invisible fairy tale suits them, including Christianity. Its a free country.

          Let me ask you something Pinkie. Do you think that every Muslim holds exactly the same beliefs?

          • Pinkie French

            Yes, All members of Islam live by the teaching of the Quran. Otherwise they are infidels just like us. Perhaps you need to study Islam. Frankly, if the Nazi’s kept burning Jews up in ovens and called it a religion…would you support that? Because…Islam still stones women to death for walking alone in public. But since they call that crap a is okay to stone women to death, and kill gays…mmm…???? Really?

          • valley p

            So you think *all Muslims* support stoning women to death for walking alone? And all Muslims support killing gay people? That is what you believe?

          • Pinkie French

            If you are a member of Islam then you must believe and live by the Quran. Otherwise …you are an infidel.

            Muslims are not allowed to pick and choose..they are either members of Islam or not.

          • valley p

            Well Pinkie, you have it wrong. Muslims do pick and choose, just like Christians and Jews pick and choose.

          • Pinkie French

            Well Steve, then they are in violation of Islam and Islamic law.

          • valley p

            Right…as are Evangelical Christians to Catholics, Mormons, Methodists, and you name it. Every sect of Christianity violates Biblical Law according to the other sects. Religion is what makes this such a peaceful world. The Crusades, the Spanish Inquisition, the expulsion of the Jews from Spain, the 100 years war, the Shoa, Northern Ireland, Sunnis killing Shiites and blowing up their Mosques, Jews and Muslims killing each other over who gets to pray in Jeruselum, Hindus slaughtering Muslims in India…ad infinitum.

            Show me a peaceful person and I’ll show you a religious agnostic.

            So do your Koran bashing all you want. I don’t give a rip. But I’d also advise you to sign up to go overseas a kill a few if this is how you really feel. Why waste your fear and hatred here.

          • Pinkie French

            Oh, Valley. YOU need to study Islam. I show no hatred to the Quran as you say, just truth.

            Either you live by the tenants of Islam or you are an infidel. Even you… Sorry.

            Christianity is based on forgiveness… What exactly happens to a woman or a gay in Islam? Sharia? mmm…

            Valley are you saying Sharia is loving?

          • Omen

            valley p: Have you viewed yet?
            If not, why not?

          • Founding Fathers

            Every sura of the Quran begins with “Bismillah, er-Rahman, er-Rahim.” This translates as “In the name of God, who is Mercy and Compassion.”

            True, there certainly are Muslims who don’t seem to take this to heart, just as there are plenty of Christians who don’t take “Love thy enemy” to heart.

  • Y.K.Cherson

    Dear Lars,

    You wrote that “We are at war with people who are inspired by a belief in Islamism and in the effort to make us convert to Sharia Law”.

    I would be grateful if you could explain, what the difference is between this “islamism” we are at war with – and the Islam.

    P.S. I have never been a fan of the verbal equilibristic and I always prefer to call a spade a spade, even if this “spade” is not politically correct.
    In my modest opinion, there is not any difference between the “Islamism”- and Islam.
    But of course, I can be wrong.

  • Steve Plunk

    Americans are simply too tolerant a people to declare war against Islam. From the Pilgrims who sought religious freedom to the new age religions of today we have tolerated most anything given time.

    However, Islam has declared war against America and what we stand for. Even moderate Muslims don’t believe in many of our values. Tolerance of other religions is the best example of their rejection of our long held values.

    So while we do the right thing and refuse to declare war against Islam we should also be cognizant of the fact Islam is and has been at war with not only the United States but with modern Western ideas and norms. We must now figure out how to protect those enlightened views while still tolerating those with no tolerance.

  • Anonymous

    Franklin D. Roosevelt: “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”

    Lars Larson, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity & Co.: “The only thing we have to fear is Muslims, Mexicans, black people, brown people, homosexuals, feminists, environmentalists, ‘socialists,’ ‘communists,’ liberals, progressives …” etc., etc. etc.

    • Steve Plunk

      It seems you fear Lars, Rush, Glenn, and the rest. I would guess probably more than they or the rest of us fear the groups mentioned.

      • Anonymous

        And I would guess the Jews didn’t fear the Nazis enough. What are we talking about?

        • Steve Plunk

          Looks like a Godwin’s law winner! It always goes back to the Nazis. Sigh. First you make up things and attribute them to Lars, et al, and then go for the Nazi analogy. That means you have nothing of substance.

          • Anonymous

            The second anonymous comment (and now the third) did not originate from the same individual as the first anonymous comment (I am aware that you have no way of knowing that… just letting you know), but I’m glad you picked up on the Godwin’s Law game I was playing. The first anonymous commenter does have a point though, the individuals he/she named are all fear mongers.

      • Anonymous

        I fear what they and their mindless followers can do to my country.

  • Rupert in Springfield

    We are not at war with Islam and everyone knows this. The main proponents of this “war with Islam” silliness are liberals, who love to confuse the issue so as to bash groups they don’t like and some political pot stirers such as the late Meir Kahane or Michael Savage.

    Most of the reasonable people know the difference here and frankly most liberals do as well. The wacky liberals – the Nancy Pelosi’s of the world, seek to confuse the debate and thus distract from the possible discovery moral inconsistency.

    Bush 2 was the first to state that we are not at war with Islam, and was at the forefront right after 9/11 in saying whatever he could to discourage any anti Muslim sentiment in this country.

    Nancy Pelosi was the first to jump up and down and claim there was something horrendous about letting a Muslim country, Dubai, operate a port here.

    Then Nancy Pelosi jumped up and down and was at the forefront of calling anyone intolerant in opposing the ground zero mosque.

    Suspecting an entire friendly Muslim country is ok with Nancy and she sees no inconsistency when she then defends a mosque being built by a guy who is surprisingly non critical of terrorists.

    Why does this inconsistency hold and not bother liberals?

    The bottom line is to liberals, Muslims are a chess piece and they frankly have no real care one way or the other about tolerance for them. Bashing them one day in order to embarrass a Republican president is fine, just as inordinate support of them the next is fine if it defends a Democrat president.

    This is why we such shifting treatment of Muslims in particular, Islam in general.

    When Bush2 was in charge, GITMO was a horrendous blot against humanity. When Obama is in charge, those Muslims in GITMO vanished in the liberals consciousness, their purpose had been served, embarrass Bush2. Now? They can rot in Cuba, Obama is in office. Purpose served.

    So the point is lets get off all this understanding and concern about being at war with Islam. Not a lot of people actually think we are at war with Islam. It is only raised for the same reason the GITMO prisoners were raised, or Dubai was raised – it serves to accuse others and thus support some delusional moral superiority in the liberals mind. If it can also serve to embarrass political opposition, so much the better.

    • valley p

      I knew you find a way to make this a liberal problem Rupert. You completely ignore Lars’ words, and the words of the attaboys like Pinkie on this site, and the actions of Gingrich, Palin, et al over the not a Mosque not at Ground Zero, and you dredge up the Dubai Port issue, which was opposed by many conservatives, not just Pelosi.

      But this is what you always do. Find a way to blame liberals for problems that conservatives create. Its fun to watch you perform these verbal acrobatic feats, I’ll say that much.

      GITMO under Bush WAS a horrendous blot not just on humanity, but on our nation. GITMO is still housing prisoners, but it isn’t treating them as sub humans any longer. And no, it has not “vanished” from liberal consciousness. They give Obama grief over it every day. Read something other than Catalyst and maybe learn something new. Read Glenn Greenwald for starters.

      • Steve Plunk

        Vally p, The detainees at Gitmo are being treated the same as they were under Bush. Don’t make stuff up. As for Greenwald, only those looking for garbage would read his tripe. Every time he makes a statement these days it lacks logic and facts.

        • valley p

          Read up on what the Red Cross reported about what the Bush-Cheney Administration did to Guantanamo prisoners.

          These same techniques migrated to Iraq and contributed mightily to the Abu Gareb mess we are still paying for in lives and limbs. I don’t need to make up a thing. Its all in the record. Even Bush does not deny it. He claims it was justified.

          It is true that by the end of his term Bush had cleaned things up at Gitmo. But the damage was done.

          I’m no fan of Greenwald. I think he is mostly over the top. I raised his name to point out to Rupert that there are liberals who are giving Obama crap over Gitmo.

          • Steve Plunk

            I read the article and find it far from convincing that anything other than normal interrogation techniques being used. When one of the complaints is female guards teasing the inmates in a sexual manner how can I take any of it seriously? The International Red Cross did call for sensitivity training so I guess we can be sure our soldiers were lacking in sensitivity to captured prisoners some of who killed Americans.

            R. Lee Ermey said it first but how about we take a train to Namby Pamby Land to learn how to treat those who kill? I don’t think so.

          • valley p

            Ok Steve. If you are still in a reading mood and have a strong stomach try perusing through some of this and get back to me on namby pamby:


            And for the record, the writer was a republican who supported Bush until he learned what was going on.

      • Rupert in Springfield

        >They give Obama grief over it every day. Read something other than Catalyst and maybe learn something new. Read Glenn Greenwald for starters.

        ho hum – no they don’t.

        When I see the kind of attention devoted to criticizing Obama over GITMO that we saw in the mosque idiocy I might not laugh at the absurdity of you trying to justify your selective moral outrage with Glenn Greenwald.

        The fact that you have to go to no name liberals to try and substantiate your point is a little laughable.

        When we have Pelosi out doing the face lift moral outrage conga over a Muslim mosque in the same way she felt it was perfectly fine to suspect all Muslims as terrorists over Dubai ports or take pot shots over GITMO, so long as it was a Republican, but excuse it under a Democrats, let me know.

        Until then, when you can’t find an elected leader but have to dig down to a guy largely unheard of outside of Berkley or the Upper West side, you don’t have much of a leg to stand on.

        Look, we all know liberalism exists largely to pit one group against another.

        It was ok to suspect all Muslims as terrorists when we were talking about Dubai, it’s not ok to do the same when Obama sticks his foot in it over a dopey mosque.

        • valley p

          “The fact that you have to go to no name liberals to try and substantiate your point is a little laughable.”

          Its only laughable Rupert, because you like to laugh at reality as a way of avoiding it. Many on the left have been consistently critiquing Obama on not only GITMO, but his overall approach to the wars, the way he is taking on terrorists (a number have called drone attacks war crimes) and a lot else. That you pretend these criticisms do not exist is no different than you pretending global warming does not exist, or that Clinton ran balanced budgets. Its how you get through the day I guess. Reality is just too hard.

          “Look, we all know liberalism exists largely to pit one group against another.”

          Yes of course “we all” know that, which is why liberals are spending so much time scare mongering about Muslims not building Mosques not on Ground Zero. Its why liberals make up stories about John McCain actually being born in Lapland and being an animist. We also know that all liberals are milquetoasts who are afraid to fight and hate our troops. We know they are fascists who live to put their boot on the throat of freedom loving people and gas them. We know they coddle terrorists and whine about a little torture. We know they are racist (against white folk anyway). We know they are gay bashing homophobes. And we know they want to destroy marriage by letting gay people marry. We know all we need to know about liberals based on your life experiences Rupert. You have friends who are liberals and you tell us about them and their faults all the time.

    • Anonymous

      Rupe, although according to you she does it pretty frequently, I have never seen Nancy Pelosi jumping up and down. It must be an amusing sight. Do you have links to any videos of these performances.