Lars Larson: Is America at war with Islam?

It’s time for Americans to figure out exactly who we are at war with.

Obama has repeated the line we heard from George Bush. Are we at war with Islam? The problem is that Americans recognize that an awful lot of acts of terrorism over the past ten years have happened in the name of Islam. Does that mean we are at war with Islam?

We are at war with people who are inspired by a belief in Islamism and in the effort to make us convert to Sharia Law. That’s where I see the United States being pushed by this Islamic terrorism and even by some of the mainstream Islam. The President needs to figure that out.

He’s failed to confront Iran and in our own country he has a decidedly disparate view. On the one hand he says the Islamic mosque should be built near Ground Zero. On the other hand he publicly decries the plan to burn Korans in Florida by the nutball church in Gainesville.

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