Reps. Sheehan, Wand pass Metro area job creation bill

SALEM—The House of Representatives today approved legislation introduced by Reps. Patrick Sheehan (R-Clackamas) and Matt Wand (R-Troutdale) to facilitate job-creating development within designated urban areas of the Metro region.

HB 4090 allows an owner of property that’s located within an urban growth boundary to secure access to infrastructure services if the owner pays all the costs and is willing to be annexed by the service provider.  The bill’s sponsors say the bill helps property owners seeking to develop land but can’t connect to services because of various bureaucratic and political barriers.

“This bill offers a common sense fix that will create hundreds of new jobs within Metro’s urban growth boundary,” Rep. Sheehan said.  “It helps property owners seeking to develop land that’s adjacent to infrastructure service providers, but can’t access the services because it’s landlocked between various and competing local governments, special districts and planning zones. HB 4090 is consistent with land use planning that ensures growth is planned, land is used as intended, and jobs are created.”

Rep. Wand said legislative action is necessary when land use planning is inconsistent, and the patchwork of jurisdictions and regulations serve as a barrier to economic development and job creation.

“The Metro area has a comprehensive land use system that is complicated and expensive,” Rep. Wand said.  “If our urban land use planning is not meaningful, and if we have barriers that are preventing areas that are properly zoned to be developed, then we should pass measures such as this to ensure the system works and tax dollars are spent as intended.”

HB 4090 now moves to the State Senate for further consideration.