Rep. Sheehan and Rep. Wand’s bill would reign in Metro

Oregon House Republicans


SALEM— Rep. Patrick Sheehan (R-Clackamas) and Rep. Matt Wand (R-Troutdale) Friday urged the House Transportation and Economic Development Committee to approve their bill to give smaller communities in Clackamas, Washington and Multnomah Counties greater control over land use planning.

HB 3438 effectively eliminates Metro’s authority to establish urban growth boundaries and dictate the terms of comprehensive land use plans for local governments.  The Republicans say legislation is needed because making the land use planning process simpler and more efficient is a matter of statewide concern.

“It’s time to put power back in the hands of the local governments, and give local officials and citizens the ability to determine where growth occurs,” Rep. Sheehan said. “Our cities are the only communities in the nation that are saddled by centralized land-use planning.  This bill starts the conversation on how we can take control away from outside politicians and special interest groups that have only divided our citizens.”

Rep. Wand said the bill will help boost economic development by giving cities the ability to streamline regulations and attract new businesses that create jobs.

“This bill gives cities greater flexibility to create a business environment that creates jobs,” Rep. Wand said. “It reduces the influence of Metro and others who have different interests in land-use planning and who come from areas with little or no available land.  My neighbors, who live in areas regulated by a distant Metro, should be empowered to create the community we live in.”


  • JPMorgan

    Nice but too little too late. Shouldn’t we have been doing something about Metro 20+ years ago? Too late…

  • Sadsack

    I hate to tell you, but we need Metro and all that it does for the little guy.
    Like me.
    I need their help so I can live in the style I like.
    They are good to me.
    I like them.
    Please let them be. They have only the best intentions and that is what counts.

    • eaop

      In other words, suffer the little Barbara Roberts sucklings unto her teats and she will make all feel fuzzy wuzzy at her bare.

    • Tylerchurch007

      hey If you like to live the metro lifestyle Great! but I live in rural Damascus for a reason And I dont want the Metro lifestyle.

      If you can live they way you want why cant I

  • Bob Clark

    Metro is a hideous organization that stifles economic prosperity for the three county region. For example, it is not atypical for Metro to spend over five years squabling against communities over a few hundread acres of new land development. What a waste. It also suffocates competition between communities to develop a diverse set of life styles. Metro is a one size fits all disaster. Thanks for the wild shot at trying to free us from these central planners. It gets people thinking anyways about the possibilty.

  • valley person

    How would having 26 urban growth boundaries instead of one in the Portland area make things more simple or efficient?

    • noibn

      FF, Sheriff of Nothingham, loves Metro, yet I rather doubt merry taxpayers against superfluous governmentium see it his way, d’oh!

  • Dan Phegley

    An example of Metro in action

    Metro planning has been shoved down the throats of the citizens of Damascus damaging property values and placing us under the shadow of almost limitless debt when many families can little afford it.

    Almost 400 Damascus citizens signed and collected petitions during the rainy and snowy Christmas break in order to have a vote on Metro’s plan for Damascus and its sizable debt.

    According to Metro the expense is in excess of 3 billion dollars for their Damascus plan ! That is 500 thousand dollars per household ! That is new local taxes. (10/01/09 Portland Tribune, Jim Redden Interviews Michael Jordan, Metro COO)

    After adopting the plan in December, 2010 it is revealed at the 1/18/11 city council meeting that the city got an estimate of 1.5 to 4 billion dollars. This is the first time cost is brought to the public and a month after adopting the plan.

    What are people saying about this plan?

    In April of 2011 the entire citizen involvement committee resigned. Said Diana Lobo, committee chairwoman “We didn’t feel it was appropriate or right for us to be complicit in the lack of citizen involvement in the city,”. (4/11/2010 Oregonian)

    In the May, 2010 issue of the Damascus city news councilor Diana Helm wrote “We’ve forged ahead with the comprehensive plan with limited citizen involvement…”

    Since that May of 2010 statement, the council has refused recommendations of the planning commission and held a council meeting, passing the plan, at which the city attorney requested citizens not mention the plan.

    This is how Metro planning works !

    A study by Portland State University dated August of 2007 shows Metro involvement and the avoidance of public input! (“A review of a case in Clackamas County, Oregon”) Study attached

    Metro and DLCD show no concern and in fact laud the city for approving their plan.

    Councilor Randy Shannon “Who is going to pay for it? That’s a political decision we’re going to have to make down the road.” (1/18/11 council meeting)

    See the council in this 2 minute video

    Payment of this debt has not even been considered. Our county, state and country are broke due to this kind of spending and now Metro wants the city wants to join the list.

    Any plan should include how it will be paid for.

    North Clackamas School district has testified against the plan as the property they purchased for a new school has been placed in an overlay preventing them from building their school all to no avail.

    Draining our families and hurting our schools, this is quite a plan.

    Metro’s budget is more than 300 million annually and this is what we get for it. Metro has not voiced a concern about cost of their plan and has in fact helped conceal it with help from Anita Yap who is head of Damascus planning.

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