Lars Larson on Getting More Oil

Let’s talk about some new and cheaper ways to get more oil into America’s supply.

I had a fascinating conversation with an oil industry expert the other day, Jack Rafuse. I talked to him about a number of issues that I don’t hear anybody bringing up, Democrat or Republican. Like this one. Why aren’t we bringing more of that Alaskan oil down onto the West coast of America””say to the refineries in Los Angeles? Because of something called the Jones Act.

You can’t do it. The Jones Act says you can’t use a foreign flag tanker to bring oil from Alaska to any other U.S. port. If we wave that law, we would be able to bring more oil to America. That increases our supply from our oil wells in Alaska and puts the jobs of refining that oil into American hands.

Who’s behind the Jones Act? The unions. They don’t like the idea of allowing non-American flag tankers to call on U.S. ports. They think it protects union jobs. Well, it’s hurting the country. So let’s get rid of it.

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