Representative Bruce Hanna: Legislature Adjourns

by Rep. Bruce Hanna (Co-Speaker of the House, R-Roseburg)

Legislature Adjourns First Annual Session “Sine Die”

The Oregon House and Senate closed the 2012 legislative session last evening, wrapping up our work after the state’s first Constitutionally-mandated annual session. It’s been an interesting ride. I am pleased that the legislature wrapped up before the Constitutional limit of March 6, and I am proud of many things we accomplished.

However, I’m disappointed that we couldn’t get more done to create jobs. My colleagues and I presented a “50,000 Jobs in 5 Years” agenda at the start of the session. We managed to get a couple of those bills – in amended form – through the building, but unfortunately we left opportunities to create tens of thousands of jobs on the table. I will continue to fight for those bills, and for other new ideas to get Oregon back to work. Click here to view the Reform Oregon proposals introduced at the same time as the jobs agenda.