Don’t Tread on Me, Demopublicans

Thomas Jefferson, author of the Declaration of Independence, wrote in 1789, “There are rights which it is useless to surrender to the government, and which governments have yet always been found to invade. These are the rights of thinking, and publishing our thoughts by speaking or writing; the right of free commerce; the right of personal freedom.” To interject politics on this holy anniversary of the American Revolution, it would be fantastic if one of the “old” Oregon political parties truly adhered to the above principles of personal and economic liberty and limited government. However, as one honestly surveys the partisan horizon, it is apparent: A difference in degrees is not a difference in kind. The question is, are they Demopublicans or Republicrats? Regardless, I say, to honor the revolutionary spirit of the Founding Fathers (and Mothers), “Don’t Tread on Me.”

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  • Rupert in Springfield

    Viva The Gadsden Flag.

  • Jerry

    Remember, too, that only Democrats are pushing for the “Fairness Doctrine” which would severely limit free speech in this country.
    I wonder why that is?? That is sure not a difference in degrees. It is a blatant difference that should leave everyone in shock!
    Afraid of the truth? You are a Democrat, as that is what the party stands for…fear of the truth.

    How proud they all must be.

  • Crawdude

    It was a joint effort by both parties to limit our freedom of speech at election time e.g. McCain / Feingold.

    The 2 parties ideas in this state are embarrassingly amateurish and many time childish; the only worse part is the the voters of this state follow blindly along like lemmings. This would indicate that they are either complacent or have been effectively “dumbed down” by the low quality, liberally education and educated in this state.

    I propose when make salt shakers with 1 hole in it….

    • Rupert in Springfield

      So should that be the new equivalent of the threat level colour code for our freedom?

      5 holes – No threat to liberty, All three branches in conservative hands, Congressional and Supreme Court recess in effect, President is avid golfer and makes widely known he prefers watching TV to anything else, proposes no legislation for 8 consecutive years. Economy hits all time high, people suddenly find they do in fact have actual bags of money propping open doors as the IRS had thought all along.

      4 holes – Be alert and aware. One or both houses of congress in democrat hands. Chick flick movies actually start making profits.

      3 holes – Reduction of freedom likely. Democrats hold majorities in both houses and the presidency. Social shunning of those who consider Hollywood a source of intellectualism now considered the height of rudeness. Major poll release sights optimism as men say they would rather see another Sex and the City sequel made and retire the Bruce Willis die hard series.

      2 Holes – Risk of basic individual rights under imminent threat. Alec Baldwin, Barbara Streisand and all lunatics who supposedly moved to France return to the US. The word “France” is no longer considered an instant laugh getter in conversations about winning wars or politics in general. The words “well so what, Al Gore isn’t a scientist either” are banned, uttering of them being a felony under hate speech laws.

      1 Hole – Individual rights and freedom actively under assault. Ruth Ginsberg ascends to chief justice, Nancy Pelosi assumes presidency after Obama taken captive in Iran during negotiations in first week of presidency. Talk radio blamed for first black presidents capture by Iranians. Freedom of speech rescinded immediately. NPR only licensed broadcast allowed within the United States. Travel restricted. Roving hippies shouting “Ride a bike or face our might” attack anyone using a non emasculating form of transport. Birth rate plummets due to no one being able to get a date as men discover mass transit and bicycles are not conducive to getting a woman to a restaurant or the bedroom.
      Air travel enters a new golden age, as only elites travel the skies with zero airport wait, lavish accommodations on Air Gore. Carbon footprint is neutral due to negative birth rate and no one driving, the legal invention of the “natural carbon offset” is formed (that is, the carbon offset is naturally formed through societal modification, thus Gore owes no actual payment to the people who can no longer drive).
      Harley Davison motorcycle company files for chapter 7 bankruptcy liquidation.

  • Bob Clark

    I wish the east side of Oregon good luck in succeeding from the state of Oregon. It would give the west side liberals pause, and create a good competition in government form. Viva le revolution!

    • dmf

      have you heard anything new about that?

  • Ted Kennedy’s Liver

    The problem with the Oregon Republican party is in who holds power in the party heirarchy. It’s an awful mix of religious fanatics and the country club Republicans. People who can’t make a decision about any facet of their lives without opening the Bible and want to extend that helplessness to government or RINO’s.

    Go to a Multnomah County Republican Party meeting. It’s like a comedy sketch about crazy old people. No wonder we have been completely marginalized in Multnomah County. The state meetings are no better.

    Thanks to our leadership, we lost our majority in the Oregon House and Senate. Did the party do what any private sector manager would do with a losing team – fire them all? No. They rehired the losers.

    The Oregn Republican Party needs an enema. Control needs to be wrested away from the career politicos, hobbyists and zealots and returned to the small businessmen.

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