Brad Avakian’s hometown Chamber endorses Bruce Starr

Bruce Starr for Oregon Commissioner of Labor and Industries

(Hillsboro, Oregon) The Beaverton Area Chamber of Commerce recently announced its endorsement of Bruce Starr’s campaign for Oregon’s Commissioner of Labor and Industries.

The Beaverton Area Chamber of Commerce is a not-for-profit organization of 650 members representing approximately 45,000 employees in the Portland metropolitan area.

“As a long-time, successful legislator, Bruce brings a breadth of experience, knowledge and key relationships to the office of BOLI. Bruce understands job creation, small business and the need for a strong balance between labor and industry. His knowledge and support of traded sector businesses and a belief in developing a culture that works to find prescriptive solutions and education for employers will result in more and better jobs for Oregonians.”

“One of Portland’s largest and most active employer and employee advocates throws its support behind Starr only further exemplifies Avakian’s disconnect with job creators,” said Matthew Dobler, Starr’s Campaign Manager. “We cannot continue to elect leaders like Avakian who drive jobs out of Oregon.”

Bruce Starr is a small business owner and lives in Hillsboro with his wife, Rebecca, and two children. Starr is a graduate of Portland State University and is currently serving his third term in the Oregon State Senate.

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