Is “The Brad” Avakian using government resources for his early campaigning?

by NW Spotlight

“The Brad Tracker”

Now that he’s announced he’s running for Congress against David Wu, state Bureau of Labor and Industries (BOLI) Commissioner Brad Avakian appears to be shifting into campaign mode. Unfortunately, some of his early self-promotion raises questions about using state government resources to campaign.

In the May 10th BOLI Commissioner’s Message (on the BOLI government web site & also sent out on state email), there is an entire section titled “The Brad Tracker” that lets us know that “in recent weeks Brad has:”

“Attended the NARAL Annual Liberty Dinner”

“Attended the Oregon League of Conservation Voters Annual Celebration”

“Spoken to the Marion County (Democrats) DemoForum”

While those are clearly good activities for a Democratic candidate, they are definitely not activities related to “The Brad’s” state government role as Labor Commissioner.