Honest mistake by Oregon Secretary of State?

by NW Spotlight

Nigel Jaquiss at Willamette Week is reporting that Secretary of State Kate Brown is saying that the election for Labor Commissioner will be moved to November. Both campaigns thought it was going to be held on May 15th, as is the norm for non-partisan statewide races.

Republican State Senator Bruce Starr is running against the incumbent Labor Commissioner, Democrat Brad Avakian.

The Secretary of State believes the move to November is called for in a 2009 law that was passed to move the Labor Commissioner race to the same year as the race for governor.

Nigel Jaquiss reports that moving the election out to November favors Democrat Avakian.

Senator Starr is hopeful that the Secretary of State just made an honest mistake, and that this will be remedied soon – and that the election will remain in May.

Senator Starr’s campaign is waiting on a review of the matter being conducted by the Oregon Department of Justice.