Bill Post: Oregonians need to focus…On Oregon!

Conservative Oregonians need to get informed and get involved in Sen. Bruce Starr’s race for State Labor Commissioner against Brad Avakian and Dr. Knute Buehler’s race for Secretary of State against Kate Brown.

by Bill Post

On my show today we talked about the #KorruptKate story – Secretary of State Kate Brown’s crony political move to take an election and move it from May to November, purely for political reasons.

We interviewed State Senator Bruce Starr, whom this hurts the most and has filed a suit in Marion County against Kate Brown. We also interviewed the ONLY Republican running for a partisan statewide race, Dr. Knute Buehler, running for Secretary of State.  We also took phone calls and emails as we would on any given day.

What I was struck by today, not for the first time, was the political ignorance (and I really don’t like using that word, perhaps “uninformed” would be better) of voters in Oregon.  The social media, Facebook, Twitter etc. is on fire with Barack Obama stories, the U.S. budget deficit, trade, GOP presidential race and more, but here was a tangible, right in our own FRONT yard story and no one wanted to talk about it or really knew anything about it at all.

Is it our local media’s fault? Maybe. Could it be that it’s the FOCUS that we, the everyday regular folks in Oregon have been setting our sights on?  I know the Secretary of State story and the Labor Commissioner race aren’t very “sexy” but Oregonians: THIS is MUCH more pertinent to our everyday life here in Oregon.

Get involved, get informed, be a part of the change that can happen in Oregon if only we’d redirect our focus on our own state.

PS: keep the Twitter hashtag going and let’s spread the word: You cannot steal an election #KorruptKate!

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