Lars Larson on Taxing the Rich

Let’s talk about taxing the rich since Barack Obama plans to do it.

Barack Obama plans to tax the rich, or so he says, although how you define “rich” depends on what kind of dollar figures you might be earning. The fact is Barack Obama’s plans call for taxing people who make a lot of money””above $250,000.

If you talk to economists they’ll tell you, you can’t get enough taxes even out of that group of people in America to fund the kind of programs that Obama is planning.

Let’s think about it. Are the American people in favor of it? There is a brand new Gallup poll that says Americans overwhelmingly, 84% to 13%, prefer that the government focus on improving the overall economy instead of simply taxing the rich. They’d like to all those taxes paid by everybody in the country.

That’s what American’s think. Funny that Barack Obama thinks differently.

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