FACT – Humans Cause of Global Warming

Recent studies by the Spring Mountain Science Association, in conjunction with previous studies completed by Arizona State University, have proven, once and for all, that man is the root cause of global warming. Here are the facts:

1. The human body must maintain heat to survive. It generates more heat than it needs. The body has adaptations for releasing that excess heat, such as convection, radiant loss, dry respiration, latent respiration, water diffusion, and evaporation.

2. The rate of heat production in the body is known as the metabolic rate, or met, where one unit is 360 Btu/hour. The typical person, awake and seated, generates 1 met. A fast game of tennis or a quick bike ride will generate 4 mets.

3. The excess heat has to leave the body or the person will overheat and die.

4. That excess heat is released into the environment wherein the person resides.

With these facts so plainly stated even the physics tyro will be able to conclude that people, each and every one of us, are releasing excess heat at prodigious rates.

Now, a look at the math. The current world population is 6,707,035,000. Assuming each is simply standing around, there are 6,707,035,000 mets being generated each and every hour of every day. Now, assume each person only needs to shed 25% of their generated heat as excess (a conservative number, by the way). The result is that we have 603,633,150,000 Btu’s of heat being released into the environment every hour.

To give you an idea of how much heat that is, the required Btu’s to melt one short ton of ice in 24 hours is 12,000 Btu/hour. The people of this planet, then, generate enough excess heat to melt 50,302,762 tons of ice every 24 hours. That is a lot of heat no matter how you look at it. It works out that each person, at rest, is shedding enough heat to melt 15 pounds of ice each day!

And remember, this excess heat is being released in the environment right where the people reside, so the heat is essentially trapped in the atmosphere and surrounding areas, with no place to go.

So, the next time you hear gloom and doom about global warming, ask why curbing the population boom is not being discussed as one of the solutions. How convenient to dismiss one of the major factors responsible for the increase in temperature around the world — PEOPLE!