Kitzhaber to rename Oregon Health Plan

by NW Spotlight

Kitzhaber to rename the OHP (Oregon Health Plan) to the DSP (Dying Salmon Plan)

Because of all the negative attacks on various aspects of the Oregon Health Plan over the years, Governor Kitzhaber has made the decision to “rebrand” the OHP. At a press conference on Friday, the Governor unveiled the new plan name and new logo:

Standing proudly next to the new logo, Governor Kitzhaber told the assembled audience “Our new health plan will reinvigorate the way health care is delivered in Oregon. All patients will be assigned to a Home Health Stream, and they’ll go through a series of Health Ladders and Gates to obtain care from a specialist. The end goal, will be a system that ensures the survival of the fittest, and that employs a model for reproductive health care that was pioneered by the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife for salmon conservation.”

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