Tax dollars spent to promote Obama health care plan during election

Tax dollars spent to promote Obama health care plan during election
By Richard Leonetti,
Oregon Tax News,
It is wrong for the Obama administration to be running blatantly self-promotional TV ads with my tax dollars during the the election. Andy Griffith stars in a TV ad where he promises older Americans that “with the new health care law, more good things are coming.” It is a blatant political ad costing $5.1 million and paid for by my tax dollars. It is no mistake that these ads appeared in October when polling showed that most Americans have disapproved of Obama’s Health Care Reform Package. Now that the election is over the ads have disappeared.

  • dian

    And have you noticed they now think Medicare should be taken away completely. Wonder what they’ll advertize then. On the other hand, maybe I don’t want to know because it will make me angry

  • Jack

    Democrats can’t do a dam thing without using Taxpayers MONEY. fIGURE’S.

    PS: I’ve been turning off “MATLOCK” and Mayberry RFD lately.
    Is Demenchia setting in on Andy Griffith or has this clown
    always been a closeted KARL MARX LOVER???????

  • Fred

    This is fine with me as I like Andy and I like Obama. They both care about me. I need people to care about me because I am an important person and no one seems to notice me.
    I am glad Obama cares. At least I know he does and maybe Ted K.
    Thanks guys.

  • valley p

    Assuming Medicare offices are being deluged with calls from angry geezers who believed the lies told by Republicans that their Medicare benefits are being cut, all this ad does is set the record straight. It probably saves taxpayers money if it results in fewer calls that take up staff time in answering these lies.

  • HK

    5.1 million here, 5.1 milllion or billions there who cares as long as they take care of me also. I am not responsible for my health, so the goverment should be. I am not responsible for living beyond my means also ( a $400,000.00 home with a minumum wage or no income ). Thank you goverment for making the banks lend to me, I deserve it because I was born in the USA. It not a chicken in every home now as our fathers and grandfathers lived, it is two cars, remember the fancy home above, all the things I wish to charge to fill that large home, also ” free health care becaused I am stressed over paying for the above. Did I forget to mention that the goverment has to feed me also ” food stamps”.
    I am glad Andy Griffin said the right thing and our goverment paid him for his blessing, did I mention I also sat on my butt and watch every episole of “MatLock” and also the Andy Griffins Show””. Now I am old, sick, fat butt, and you know, ” It is not my fault”, because I have lots of people to blame. Now I am okay, because the “our” goverment is going to take care of me with all my upcoming health needs. I will vote for whatever President, Senator, State Representive that will offer me a free home, health & food, also a TV to watch Matlock reruns. I have always liked Andy, good down to eath stuff.

  • Bob Clark

    Medicare is pretty much second rate care from my experience. Providers go through the motions dictated by bureaucratic dictates. ObamaCare only makes it even less useful, as Bureaucrats have to decide a much larger amount of obtuse regulations, not even congress knows what it intended. Better to let people plan and have access to supplementary healthcare more responsive to the individual (rather than Medicare’s one size fits all approach).

    Advertising for ObamaCare is not unlike attempting to buy votes by snowing folks with some token examples of success, while ignoring huge costs and second rate quality care.

  • Mary’s Opinion

    There are now two more TV commercials following up the Andy Griffith ad. Both of these ads talk about the Medicare Prescription Part D benefit which will be expanded in 2011 to cover brand name drugs at half price when a Medicare recipient falls into the Part D “donut hole.” Currently when a recipient fall into the “donut hole” the total cost of the covered brand name drug is born by the recipient. The cost increase can be so great some seniors consider not taking the drug.

    The other expanded benefit at least one of these ads talks about is “free” preventative tests such as colonoscopies.

    These expanded benefits won’t be free. Co-pays and premiums may be increased and some other benefits may be cut or reduced.

    Insurance companies courting new business during the current open enrollment period for Medicare participants are fully informed about the benefit changes and are more than willing to counsel those who ask. And, Medicare has already sent out the 2011 Medicare & You hand book that explains Medicare benefits.

    How many millions more are being spent on these ads?

  • Founding Fathers

    How many of you so-called “conservatives” complained when the government spent all that money to send out $300 checks during the Bush administration? That was basically a campaign ploy.

    • Mary’s Opinion

      If I recall correctly, the amount was $250.00. I’m sure those who live on $1,100 – $1,200 a month, or less, appreciated those checks. However, there were also dead people and people in prison who received them. Don’t forget that the Obama administration sent $250.00 checks to Medicare recipients who fell into the “donot hole” this year and the same error was made when dead people and prisoners received checks. Democrats and Republicans have the same problem -keeping an updated systm and preventing fraud in certain agencies.

  • Fred

    Without ads like these how will I know Obama cares for me like a father would a child?

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