Obama saves money on speech writers

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by NW Spotlight

With all of the President’s friends in Hollywood, you’d think he could get more than one speech written to give when other countries, especially smaller countries, visit the White House. Danish broadcaster Thomas Buch-Andersen presents a cute analysis of the shallow praise of visiting countries by President Obama.

  • HurtinginOR

    Any money saved on the “speeches” is offset by the teleprompter costs.

  • guest

    KISS, an acronym for the design principle articulated by Kelly Johnson, Keep it simple, Stupid! 

    IOW:  The Marxist Socialist New World Organizer ‘wannabe’ is no JFK  “Ich bin ein Berliner” – rather,  icht benign ein blather doser micheal mooreoner.

  • Rupert in Springfield

    Its not even all that great a metaphor and in some ways its probably a very inopportune one. It’s just kind of klutzy and. lets face it, makes just about everybody cringe when he starts winding up for it, even the first time we see it with the Danish PM. Given Obamas standing in Europe, not good, you would think he would put at least a little effort into this sort of thing.

    • valley person

       “Given Obamas standing in Europe, not good…”

      This is a test Rupert. Is our standing with Europe better today under Obama, or was it better when Bush was president?