Public employee union money dominated the 2010 Oregon elections

In their tallying so far, reporting from the National Institute on Money In State Politics reveals that Oregon’s 2010 elections were dominated by public employee union money. A report of the top 20 contributors shows that the public employee unions made up 50% of those contributions, or $7 million.

The top 20 contributors make up a little over a third of the total 2010 campaign contributions.

Rounding out the top 20 contributors were a two-way tie for second between 1) ballot measure support for the Multnomah County casino and 2) agriculture/business/construction contributions – each at 11%, and then support for the ballot measure to continue lottery funding for parks (8%), Republican party contributions (5%), Republican donor Loren Parks (4%), Democratic party contributions (4%), pro Democratic cause group “Our Oregon” (3%), and then health industry contributions at 2% – split between Democratic & Republican candidates, and family donations to Allen Alley’s campaign – also at 2%.

The National Institute on Money In State Politics has processed 29% of the campaign finance reports so far.

Link to National Institute on Money In State Politics (Oregon 2010)