The Two Americas

The two Americas we hear so much about are easily explained.

The first America is comprised of people with typical jobs doing their part to earn a living, support their families, enjoy life, relax a bit, pay taxes, vote every now and then, watch some TV (but maybe not after February, 2009) and who generally get along fine with neighbors and friends.

The second America is comprised of people who:

1. Tell stories about their son’s funeral over and over to different people, claiming they have never told it before to anyone.

2. Build a 28,000 sq. ft. dream house with an indoor basketball court, squash court, and indoor swimming pool on 102 acres while fighting to help the impoverished, though accomplishing nothing.

3. Routinely get $400 haircuts.

4. Channel the dead in the courtroom.

5. Have sexual intercourse with someone outside the marriage while the marriage partner is struggling with cancer.

6. Lie repeatedly about the out-of-marriage sexual intercourse.

7. Tell the family about the out-of-marriage sexual intercourse so they can assist in the lies for 2 years.

8. Pay the person they are have having the out-of-marriage intercourse with over $100,000 of someone else’s money to shoot four You Tube videos.

9. Get caught visiting the person they are having out-of-marriage intercourse with at a hotel and when confronted run and hide in the bathroom and call for security to help get out of a potentially embarrassing situation.

10. Start to believe they are special and become increasingly egocentric. Even run for president while all the while lying and deceiving and having out-of-marriage sexual intercourse and paying for it with other peoples’ money.

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  • Rupert in Springfield

    Oh come on Jerry. Aren’t you the least bit sad that Edwards political career is effectively over, at least for the short term nationally?

    I mean I really will miss this guy. He was the avatar of sleazy slick ambulance chaser. There was something about how every single aspect of both his appearance and his actions fit into at least my conception of sleazy lawyer that I just always got a kick out of it. Now with this latest revelation, he has fulfilled another item on that checklist.

    Besides which, I think he did do some gallant things:

    1. He waited until his wife’s cancer was in remission before having sexual intercourse with another woman. So that’s pretty good right? I mean it would be worse if he had done it the second she was diagnosed.

    2. Edwards had sexual intercourse with this woman apparently in a hotel. Ok, that’s pretty good isn’t it? I mean his wife had cancer, so Id assume she was in the hospital. Edwards could have saved the 39.95 and simply brought her home. Instead he sprung for a Motel Six, that shows decency to his wife, as well as makes the whole thing more “classic” which provides additional amusement value.

    3. He had sexual intercourse with another woman, not his wife. Hey, now that can be pretty caring if your wife has cancer. Now I don’t know about you Jerry, but my Mom had cancer and died of it. I can tell you, the last thing she or any woman with cancer would want is an “excited” John Edwards hanging around pestering her to put on the spike heels and stockings. I know if I have cancer I want to hear doctors and nurses, not my wife yammering on about her needs and putting on some Barry White. Then again my wife is twelve years younger than me, so this sort of prospect becomes a real concern.

  • Mike V

    First things first – I do not condone out of marriage sexual relations of any kind. This is just one more item on a long list Edwards is going to have to answer to his maker about.

    (Note to Edwards) If you’re going to tap some lady out of wedlock, at least make it worth your while. I think he beat her with the ugly stick too.

    I will give him credit on these. At least is wasn’t with another guy and it wasn’t in the bathroom stall at MSP.

    Be it Edwards political ideology or his re-distribution of income, the guy is pathetic. Saddest thing of all, second to the shame he caused for his wife and family is the fact that the Dems in this country could care less about it. I’m sure they are praising how courageous he is…and that too is pathetic.

  • Crawdude

    Newt Gingrich was fillet alive by the media when they found out he was cheating on his wife while she battled cancer. The liberal medias ” kid gloves” approach to this , speaks volumes!

    This was actually ” old news” to me by the time the liberal media outlets started covering it.

    Where there is smoke, there is fire…………I have a feeling there will be a lot more coming out about Mr. Edwards very soon.

  • dean

    Frankly, I don’t care what politician from either party is getting some nooky on the side. And Dude, Elliot Spitzer was also filleted. A lot depends on the circumstances as to whether the media decides to call the circus into session. Edwards is not in office, is not running for office, broke no laws, has not been a morality crusader, and is basically old news. Gingrich was House Speaker and Spitzer was a sitting governor. Both were morality crusaders.

    • Crawdude

      If you try to run for Prez. you should be held to the same standard as the rest of them ( Politicians)…………….be glad he didn’t win the nomination of your party.

      While I could care less if someone is getting something on the side, Spitzer was using an illegal hooker ring to get his. He wasn’t nailed for his extra-marital affairs, he was nailed for a tax evaision sheme……..I gues that is the best choice of words. His actions were illegal under the law, his is not an example to use to try and defend the biased liberal media of today. They were not even going to report this until it became so obvious that everyone else was. What else do they not report?

      • dean

        That is my point. Why would they report it? He is out of the running. Essentially he is now a private citizen who is active in some causes. And even if he were running and had an afair going, its between him, her, and his family, not us.

        Yes, I’m glad he did not win the nomination of my party, but for reasons other than this issue. If he had been nominated, McCain of all people would have a hard time throwing stones given his marital background.

        • Crawdude

          If there are stories about McCain, I’m sure your liberal, biased media would jump on them. All I hear is a feeble and admitedly embelished / false NY Times story and you.

          I hate McCain and would love to see a story like this but its not out there. Now, we do have his Keating 5 background, the stifling of the first amendment McCain- Feingold law, etc…. but those are things liberals hitched their carts too. You have nothing to use from him because he supports your own views. Its almost funny watching the liberals dig to find something of his they don’t support.

          The war doesn’t seem to resonate with the voters……… liberals need to draw a line elsewhere and quick!

    • Jerry

      I guess you missed the part about paying her with campaign funds. That is money that was not his to use to pay for sex. Also, he has had other underlings funnel enough money to her illegally so she can live in a 3 million dollar home. There is much more to this story than has been released so far.
      If you wish to condone such behavior, as you have so masterfully done, that speaks more about you and your values than you might imagine. But, we get it. Thanks – your honesty is appreciated.

      • dean

        OK Jerry…that is an allegation, not a fact. If he broke the law he should suffer the consequences. But that is not what this is about. Its about another guy getting sidetracked by his little captain. I repeat…who cares?

        CD…I was referring to John McCain’s well documented affair of 30 years ago, as partly revealed in his own book. He “dated” his present wife, millionairess Cindy while he was still married to and living with his first wife, who had been in a serious car wreck and was badly disfigured while he was in Nam. He also had multiple other affairs according to his first wife. “The media” knows this story full well but stays away from it, in part because it was long ago, and in part because again…who really cares? We are not electing saints. We elect imperfect humans who have faults, have made errors, and still do. Franklin Roosevelt had afairs. John Kennedy had affairs. Thomas Jefferson was banging his slaves. Strom Thurmond schtupped the black house maid. Rudolp Giulliani had an affair or 2. Newt Gingrich had at least 2 affairs prior to his 2 divorces and had his wife served papers when she was in a hospital bed. Should we go on?

        McCain, whatever he is, is no liberal. He has cherry picked a few issues over the years the lined up with liberal goals, including campaign finance reform, opposition to oil drilling off shore and in ANWR, and control of greenhouse gasses. His main appeal has been the notion that he is a “straight talker” rather than the usual 2-faced politician who says whatever he or she has to say to get 51% and then shows true colors. But in this election the straight talk has gotten badly bent, so he has managed to blow his prime advantage. His reputation. “The media” is only slowly waking up to this because it does not fit their long constructed narrative.

        • Crawdude

          Cherry picking or not the polls are getting closer, not opening up. The last 2 I saw, showed it dead even…or actually within the margain of error with probable voters.

          At $4 a gallon, your boy is running from the far left ideals of forced environmentalism. By the time of the election, he may be on an oil platform in front of San Fran. harbor. Heck, even the Clintons won’t endorse him!

          McCain is going to unleash the Pro / anti gun strategy any day now. His tax pledge doesn’t jive with the numbers, he is barely keeping his head above water………..the independents are leaving in droves.

          All that is happening while McCain trips over his own Di__. If he can actually put together a month of no senior moments this race is over. Not that I’ll be celebrating, its like having the better of two crooks winning the right to rob me.

          • dean

            Good observations CD. 2 flawed candidates as usual, but my sense is McCain has the higher hill to climb. If Obama gradually builds his creds for the job, he should win by 4-6 points in the end. But with a thin resume too late to pad he has to make it up in appearance.

          • dean

            I meant to add…nothing wrong with chery picking the other side’s issues. Bush did it with education, Clinton did it with crime and welfare reform, McCain has done it….in a 2 party system where independents elect the president some cherry picking is essential.

  • Chris McMullen

    I had to laugh my a** off when this scumbag lawyer finally came clean about his cheating. This guy is a sleaze and a phony of the highest order and is partially responsible for our huge medical costs and overly-litigious society.

    What’s even more amazing is that moron Democrats actually supported him for President. This guy is so transparent, you can see the what he had for lunch.

    Of course, anyone who denies liberal bias in the media is a moron as well.

    • dean

      So given that McCain is also an acknowledged “cheater,” where does that leave your party Chris?

      • Chris McMullen

        Just like Pavlov’s dog, the Marxist can’t help but bite at the lure.

        Your buddy Edwards is an ambulance-chasing, lying, phony poseur. The s**t hasn’t even begun to hit the fan regarding the payoffs and dirt regarding the affair.

        McCain is a war hero and never lied about his affair. He also has a prenuptial with Cindy.

        And if you haven’t noticed Marxist, many Republicans don’t support McCain. You see most conservatives can think for themselves and aren’t a bunch of socialist sheep like yourself.

        • dean

          Chris…your insults are so cutting….so severe…I am weeping all over my keyboard. Please stop. I give. I can’t take it anymore. But which am I…a dog or a sheep? The 2 seem to be contradictory critters. You have me all confused.

          If you hadn’t noticed, John Edwards came in a distant 3rd in the Democratic primary, while McCain, the acknowledged cheater that millionairess Cindy was smart enough to get a pre-nup on, won 1st place in the Republican primary. And given that “conservatives” were railing against McCain the whole time, swearing they would not support him no matter what, isn’t it interesting to see the flock now form up behind him?

          But just so I understand: War hero cancels out cheater. Do I have that right?

          • Chris McMullen

            Dumbass Dean, nice try at obfuscation, but you’re obviously just as shallow as Edwards.

            Keep trying though, there might be one person on this blog who’ll buy your B.S.

          • dean

            At least in the meantime they will be able to laugh at a pathetic name caller who can’t formulate or respond to a coherent argument, so instead has to rely on weak, ineffective, and not very original insults. Its a sign Chris.

          • Chris McMullen

            You have no effective argument, Marxist. As usual, you obfuscate the truth — just like a typical Democrat.

            Since you’re obviously a lonely, pathetic person, I guess I need to spell it out for you: McCain received the nomination with the bare minimum of conservative support. And there is no ‘flocking’ of support from conservatives other than the fact he’s a better candidate than Barry and not of the pure Marxist mold like yourself.

            Keep on trying to spin the truth Marxist, the fact remains: at the bare minimum McCain has more experience and honor than Barry and the Breck girl put together.

          • dean

            Yes….a lonely pathetic Marxist. That’s me. I can hardly stand it. Please stop.

            OK…McCain got minimum conservative support. Fine. It was more support than Edwards got from liberals apparently.

            At the age of 72, McCain definitely has more experience. No question. 28 years in elected office, never held a private sector job in his life, married very well (the 2nd time). On long resume alone, he should be elected. As Al Gore should have been over Bush junior.

            Of course, the other long resume Presidents we had in modern history include Bush senior, Nixon, and Johnson. President Cheney also has a long resume. Not a lot of successful presidencies among that group. But Clinton and Reagan, both with pretty skimpy resumes, had very successful 2 term presidencies. Maybe a long resume is not the most important qualification for the office.

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