The Two Americas

The two Americas we hear so much about are easily explained.

The first America is comprised of people with typical jobs doing their part to earn a living, support their families, enjoy life, relax a bit, pay taxes, vote every now and then, watch some TV (but maybe not after February, 2009) and who generally get along fine with neighbors and friends.

The second America is comprised of people who:

1. Tell stories about their son’s funeral over and over to different people, claiming they have never told it before to anyone.

2. Build a 28,000 sq. ft. dream house with an indoor basketball court, squash court, and indoor swimming pool on 102 acres while fighting to help the impoverished, though accomplishing nothing.

3. Routinely get $400 haircuts.

4. Channel the dead in the courtroom.

5. Have sexual intercourse with someone outside the marriage while the marriage partner is struggling with cancer.

6. Lie repeatedly about the out-of-marriage sexual intercourse.

7. Tell the family about the out-of-marriage sexual intercourse so they can assist in the lies for 2 years.

8. Pay the person they are have having the out-of-marriage intercourse with over $100,000 of someone else’s money to shoot four You Tube videos.

9. Get caught visiting the person they are having out-of-marriage intercourse with at a hotel and when confronted run and hide in the bathroom and call for security to help get out of a potentially embarrassing situation.

10. Start to believe they are special and become increasingly egocentric. Even run for president while all the while lying and deceiving and having out-of-marriage sexual intercourse and paying for it with other peoples’ money.